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2012 Toyota Corolla LE Squeak&Shake

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Sep 4, 2022, 11:18 PM

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2012 Toyota Corolla LE. I bought the used car 3 years ago with under 100,000 miles on it. Recently there has been an annoying squeaking any time the car was in motion. I decided to start with getting new brakes. The beginning of August 2022 took the car to a mechanic shop. I bought new rotors and brakes since they were not salvagable, rotors had deep grooves in them where resurfacing wasn't possible. After installation of new rotors and brakes my car still made squeaking noises when I braked so I took it back to find out the manufacturer rotor they installed was defective, the mechanic had that replaced with ceramic rotors. Then another week goes by with a horrible chemical smell that did not go away. The strong chemical smell only came from the driver side front tire and was extremely hot, radiating heat from a 7 min drive. The passenger side had no smell nor was hot. I brought my car back to the mechanic and the caliber was sticking on one side causing the smell and heat. They replaced only that one caliber on the driver side. I was not told that they had to replace anything else. Now I still have random squeaking when I brake and at 50-60 mph my car shakes not when braking. I do not know the rhyme or reason for the random brake squeaking. My car never shook before, only squeaked which is why I took it to the shop. I really don't want to take it back to the same mechanics, this will be my 4th time!!!
Apparently they bled the brakes the three times my car has been in their shop. The initial time it was brought in, they rotated my tires after replacing rotors and brakes. Also they stated my back rotors and brakes were still in good shape. The driver side caliber maybe only has 120 miles on it since they replaced it.
Should I take it back to the same mechanic? Any advice on what could be happening??

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Sep 5, 2022, 3:17 AM

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Re: 2012 Toyota Corolla LE Squeak&Shake Sign In

OK, I hear your complaint and complaining. Faulty parts should belong to that shop BTW they marked them up from what they paid.

This sounds really hacked doing ONE caliPer (spelled that way) isn't the way you do brake work - do both.

The problem isn't found yet that brake just ruined another rotor if so hot you notice now warped from that is wrecking other parts you smell.

That shop should take the responsibility but if you are so convinced they just don't know what they are doing (doesn't sound like it) try to get $$ back to go somewhere else.

One wheel dragging a brake can is probably a hose to it, the rest still needed already done but short of fixing the problem in the first place.

Hate to say some or all of the new parts done already may have to go yet again that's too much heat and abuse on new parts to expect them the work well when it's really fixed,


Hammer Time
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Sep 5, 2022, 4:15 AM

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Re: 2012 Toyota Corolla LE Squeak&Shake Sign In

It appears you brought it to the wrong shop.

First they installed cheap, low quality pads before replacing them with Ceramics they should have used in the first place. Then they obviously missed the sticking calipers that they should have seen in the first place. Making sure everything is lubed and moving free is part of the brake job. Then after finding the stuck caliper they only replaced one and they should have also replaced that rotor again as it is glazed over now. This whole job has been a fiasco of mistakes starting with you continuing to drive it until the rotors were all grooved.


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