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2015 Jeep Compass Altitude 2.4L 80,000miles

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Feb 17, 2021, 9:47 PM

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2015 Jeep Compass Altitude 2.4L 80,000miles Sign In

Ok so I am a complete loss on this one.

I got a tow package installed from Uhaul, which was probably the first mistake. After it was installed my brake lights stopped working. The third brake light at the top still works, however the passenger and driver side brake lights flicker on for a second when the brakes are pressed and then stop working.

I took to a shop where they said the issue was that it wasn't the Mopar wiring harness that was installed it was a different brand so it wasn't compatible with the LED brake lights that my Jeep uses so it was short circuiting and that was the issue.

I removed the wiring harness completely and replaced both the tail lamps and am still having the same issue. After some research I determined it could've possibly been the brake switch so I replaced that as well. However I am still having the same issue. I have also checked the fuses in the fuse box and none of them appear to be blown.

Tom Greenleaf
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Feb 17, 2021, 11:15 PM

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Re: 2015 Jeep Compass Altitude 2.4L 80,000miles Sign In

I feel your pain! You can't just take what remains of BANKRUPT Mopars and mess with anything electrical. Own one recently usual is for myself 20+ years if I can.
So we are both learning, this my trades of freaking decades now a love/hate with techno cars - this included. It knows the current draw of light bulbs to warn you one is out. Many LEDs use so little it thinks it's blown out.

Trailers: Now you must know what the trailer is or did you expect it to just know? U-Haul by name is and was my own fav for the metal hitches I did wiring hope a vehicle like this had pre-designed a plug to use just waiting for an adaptor.

Another tech here may and will chime in for now I suggest you undo all wiring alterations for a trailer put back to OE.

Hate to say some of this may force you to a dealer if this wasn't intended for a trailer there's 10,000 other things to mess up the thing was designed to compensate for. You have anti-lock brakes, probably can switch on or off traction controls now a load it knows nothing about confuses the whole vehicle.

In short (no pun) put the wiring back where it was. Don't use LED where not adjusted for one bulb or item at a time. OE draw is what your Jeep wants to add for a trailer's wiring you need them and U-Haul should have done you better IMO #1 at that for ages now,


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