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I need brake help

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Nov 15, 2020, 2:31 PM

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I need brake help Sign In

My car is a 2004 Mazda 3 hatchback.

I don't know much about cars. I gather my info from people posting how to videos on Youtube. I'm changing my brake fluid based on how people inform you on Youtube.

I'm changing my brake fluid because my brake seem to be making a high pitch wining noise and the fluid hasn't been changed in about ten years. Would low or old brake fluid cause a wining noise? Is this the problem? I started doing it today but I have to finish it tomorrow. The dot 3 Prestone brake fluid I am using is clear like water but the fluid coming out is light brown but it's a very clean looking. Is this fluid good or bad? Attached is a web link to a picture of the brake fluid that came out of the rear passenger line.

Can someone help me out with this?

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Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Nov 15, 2020, 3:10 PM

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Re: I need break help Sign In

This isn't for newbies to watch on the videos and learn it. This being about 17 years old just what tools do you have when bleeders bust off or something goes wrong? Learn the first time WITH a fully trained and experienced tech that has all the tools.

Other: No harm intended but think you spelled "brake" incorrectly 7 times? It's not a coffee "break" so no surprise you could still Google it out that anyone can do anything.

Brakes are not for practice friend. They are right or fine to seek hands on help not just web for a first timer,



Nov 16, 2020, 9:19 AM

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Re: I need brake help Sign In

Anyway, if anyone can help out. My car is making this noise. Attached is a link of of my car making the noise while idling.

Please let me know what you think.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Nov 16, 2020, 1:15 PM

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Re: I need brake help Sign In

That didn't play for me IDK why?
Noise? It isn't noise from fluid or lack of changing it so unknown IMO. 10 years is nothing, most don't do it ever it gets done when it needs brakes just anyway as you are there and watching how worn they get periodically.

Fluid - Dot 3 in this case is a norm for many the property you need is "rubber friendly" (all would be) and is hygroscopic (absorbs moisture out but lowers boiling point a lot) which is the purpose as if boiling it would be like air in lines and not stop.

It's hot at wheels and some along the way there not so much but heat just browns it in my experience if you wear out brakes with regularity isn't a problem.
This is old now I'd want to do this just because but it's not the noise.

That means you need to pull wheels and check anything that could make that noise including worn brake parts but said you don't know that much about it?

Rock and hard place - what if it's two things or you don't notice what or where to look? It's OLD now as cars go needs YOU to already have the basic knowledge first hand or it's plain dangerous.

Of course you want to save a buck it's just not the place to without proper and competent help - even years of experience never mind list of tools that would bust any bank depending on what is found.

This trade for basics is fine and help with other experienced techs DIY or who knows with a new something what might be fooling someone. That you learn over time. YouTube type things can finish up a certain one in front of you what size dang bolt, socket or special tool is needed but you had to know that first not the other way you said you really aren't into this ends this.

Do you really want to be the first practice run on open heart surgery? If so fine it's more dangerous you could kill others for not knowing what to look for,



Nov 19, 2020, 12:54 PM

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Re: I need brake help Sign In


Here's a video that will play. Copy and paste the url up top on your browser if it doesn't work by clicking on the link.

Let me explain a few things about me. I have zero trust in mechanics because I have had multiple experiences where I bring my car into a mechanic and then a few weeks later something else goes wrong with my car and the same situation repeats, which is why I change all my own fluids, and do the best I can do repair everything myself. I know all what goes on with my own car and I don't have to feel as though I am baited into a mechanic sabotaging my vehicle so they can make a quick buck off my ignorance on cars. Also, I see the justification of investing the money in tools and time on doing it myself as a learning experience so that I now have that knowledge and the tools to use on other projects in life. It's a win win for me. This is why I sign up with automotive forums so I can get professional advice and I do appreciate yours even though it somewhat sounds condescending a little bit. I do move very fast with situations and experiences in my life so I am not always up on the proper spelling of all words. My mind moves so fast and I type so fast that I leave words and letters out of sentences. I even substitute c for s and t for d and b and p, not only because they have physical similarities but they also sound similar. I'm probably even doing as I'm writing this response. I'm even currently teaching myself to speak Japanese, which doesn't help with my grammar and spelling and it's like turning myself on my own head.

Let me continue here by saying that you do sound like a professional mechanic and I do appreciate your feedback and I know it's extremely difficult to diagnose a problem by video on line through the internet. This is why I am uploading another longer video for you to observe. Perhaps it might be a challenge for you do determine the actual problem. Perhaps it's impossible to do an analysis on line from a video. Perhaps you aren't as good as you come across to be. Again, this is why I post on these forums. I admit that I am not very capable and not very educated in vehicle mechanics but I know if I can get direction from a capable individual who can properly diagnose my vehicle, then I can definitely fix it myself.

I built my own computer. I engineer digital audio and video projects. I can operate CAD software. I can paint as good as the renaissance. I am an artist by trade so I like to do everything myself. I make my own wine. I grow my own self sufficient garden. I preserve my own food. I ferment my own foods. I cook for myself and I even regulate my own emotional capacity and regulate my own health. I do lots of everything myself.

I mostly appreciate that you took the time to read my request for help in mechanics on my car problem. Please take a look at this next video I am posting in the link above. If you think it's a serious enough problem that is able to be diagnosed from a video, then please let me know. If you not capable, then that's okay too. If you need assistance in any of the former mentioned things above of my interest in exchange for your knowledge and wisdom, then please don't hesitate to ask. I love helping people out with what I'm good at. I am an expert in all those fields.

kind regards,

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Nov 19, 2020, 2:29 PM

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Re: I need brake help Sign In

Finally heard that! Then this site went down or my service here? Troubles abound.
Noticed on that car this isn't a brake noise at all IMO! That's some funky exhaust debris inside pipes or maybe a fuel pump gone bad but not clear. Noise like that travel so could be from engine or belt driven items or OMG some key chime/buzzer gone bad? Not much help.

Sport - no offense ever meant by me but this car is pretty rusty underside it can be shocking how much goes wrong that's just not some standard listed something.

If you wish to even bother with brake fluid why not just check brakes now see if free and how much life they show now? This car has enough rust I would spend way too much on it anymore - your call.

Oh - in trusting or distrusting techs/mechanics. Sure some are lousy or do things on purpose but no more than any other trade or thing. It's just costly to do, tools would choke anyone and time + training first you still aren't ever done seeing new problems.

Rents are costly whether busy or not for shop space owning it a nightmare where I live. Millions needed it's hard to make a buck but taking it from you isn't right - ever. Charges for what's done right - it just costs so does a plumber or electrician at a home or biz + all the rest.

If this runs OK and stops OK and you can't tell what this noise is take to a shop they might have a clue right away being there with noises that might travel a better chance than any recording of it that did come out clear!
It's not unusual but hard to even guess that's a very strange noise for much of anything UNDER the car?? A car that isn't even moving!



Nov 23, 2020, 11:34 AM

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Re: I need brake help Sign In


Thanks for your help on everything. I did get this car brand new and the only time all that rust came was when I move back to the east coast. They put some kind of chemical on the roads here in CT and it just kills the car after a few years. The rust is unbelievable.

I honestly started to flush my break fluid because I didn't see any in the reservoir under the hood. I should have asked here first. I have a friend out here who sometimes helps but he isn't much of a help with anything anymore now. I flushed that one line and it came out pretty clear and then I realized it was so clear in the reservoir that I didn't see it so it was fine all along.

Is it okay to flush one single break line like that? Or should I finish the rest of them? Is it okay to add break fluid like that even though everything is fine? Everything seems to be working in tip top shape and there is no gunk in that fluid that I flushed out.


Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Nov 23, 2020, 12:05 PM

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Re: I need brake help Sign In

Same rust or worse where I am just North of you, I-90 in MA area is the pits. Melts during days so salt another 10 cycles from a storm long gone.
Point is it makes things bust up to whole vehicles no longer worth it at some point. Mazda would be a touch better some others all brake lines, bleeders, fuel lines too so also add in any cooling lines for trans it never ends.

Busting one you need to be able to get out of that even new parts the old must be out of the way new line caliper or wheel cylinder all the way back to where you can fix it. Put PB on those things now and later put grease (spray stuff) all over that when known good too late now and they stay good.
In short yes you could bleed just one is getting new fluid in that one. Just have to be certain only fluid comes out no air back in while doing it. Common with a helper must hold brake (it's spelled BRAKE) pedal still while the other at wheel loosens and tightens. Also after a few tried make sure the master cylinder reservoir isn't going too low.
There's more: If you pump a master to the bottom of travel at age there's a high chance of tearing up seals inside those wrecks it when it was fine before. Now you opened "Pandora's" box and have to do that and requires bleeding everything.
That's the snag - CAN YOU GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF A JAM LIKE THAT? All that for wanting to change fluid if you did all the time and knew all would cooperate go for it.
Best ways: Use a pressure bleeder at the master that clamps on them, assorted ones so one that works for this exact car. Some will use remote reservoirs adds another snag or share with a clutch (this is an automatic, right?) and mess that up too. OMG Pandora can really get feisty and wreck your week!
I'm NOT here to discourage folks just the rust, age and what can go wrong you have to be able to dig yourself out of isn't worth it for most just pay for it at a place working (well experienced) techs will succeed or discourage you that it could snowball into a nasty bill?
Refresh to top again: Older brake fluid isn't causing you a noise you aim to solve? You could just look around and see what the scene is one by one check pad or shoe life left, other things spinning wheels with car OFF if you can make it do the noise while right there.
Sorry for another novel but as dumb as a brake bleeder can cause all this grief and it isn't really possible it's your current problem just late to be all new fluid almost nobody asks for that just gets done with a brake failure or plain worn out and tons of new parts are needed folks hate as it does get costly AND THAT'S HONEST WORK couldn't fake it,


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