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1994 Fort Escort cooling and brake problems 2.4 L engine, 105k miles

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Aug 13, 2017, 8:52 PM

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1994 Fort Escort cooling and brake problems 2.4 L engine, 105k miles Sign In

Was driving down the road and suddenly my car totally died, so I coasted over to the side and on to an service road where it would not restart. Was late Sat afternoon so it was towed down the road to a neigbor who works on cars. He said it was the water pump and replaced it. Then a brake problem developed where they would grab and I would hear a scraping noise. Took it to a shop nearby my home where they said they drove it and seemed fine but went ahead and changed out one of the brake lines and knocked some rust off. Brakes continued to do the same thing, esp if it sat for a bit (even just an hour) and would make the noise and grab when I braked but do it less the longer I drove it, and also the coolant light was coming on. So then the shop replaced a rotor and first said the radiator was leaking. Then they changed their mind and said it was leaking from the back where there were two plugs. They explained that the plugs were inexpensive but the labor charge was $$$$ cause they had to drop the transmission. I pick it up, pay the huge bill and in only a few short drives the coolant light comes back on, I take it back in, and they replace the thermostat gasket. At the end of the week I drive it up and down some short steep hills and sharp curves to a friend's house (less than a mile from the highway.) I pull into their drive and the brakes really grab and screech and a friend their can see the back wheel(s) grabbing/moving/shimmying when I brake again. I don't take a chance of driving it back home but have it towed to another car repair place where they tell me the problem is the parking brake had seized onto the drums and they disengage it but can't fully remove it due to the fact it is impossible to but give me a quote if I do want to fix the parking brake and be able to use it. They also tell me that the radiator and water pump are leaking coolant!!! I trust this new place, heard really good things about them, they found the brake problem right away and fixed an a/c leak for me. I tell them not to do the coolant repairs cause I need to talk to others about repairs they had made. Why would a shop first tell me the radiator and then a day later say it was from the back of the block. The intake guy is the owner and never writes anything down, he's got a computer but only prints out the bill. He mans the desk and parts area but dies none of the mechanical work. What I am asking is:
What are the chances that my car would be leaking from 3 different places!?! AND why would a shop replace random parts of the brake system when they really weren't finding the true cause of the problem?Mad


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