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2010 Mazda Tribute loud lowpitched rummbling/humming noise from engine compartment

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New User

Sep 19, 2021, 9:31 PM

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2010 Mazda Tribute loud lowpitched rummbling/humming noise from engine compartment Sign In

year: 2010Make: MazdaModel: TributeEngine: v6mileage: 106k
The issue:

there is a low pitched but loud rumbling noise coming from the engine compartment. the noise starts about 1min after the engine has been turned over, and continues for a few sec after the engine has been turned off- though the pitch changes at this time, its sounds like its winding down untill it eventually fades out over a period of 15sec. if i open the hood, turn off the engine, then quickly walk up to the engine compartment i can hear the noise very clearly while its winding down, it sounds like its coming from the radiator/front of the engine block. this rumbling noise dosnt change volume, dosnt change pitch (except while winding down), dosnt get better or worse, dosnt change with speed or acceleration, dosnt change when i put it in gear or in park, will always start 1 min after the engine is turned over regardless of whether i just idle or actually run it. there are no engine lights on. its just a constant loud low pitched rumbling/humming noise.

The lead up the the issue starting:
this noise is new, very new. its never happened before untill a few hours ago. i was out driving bush roads hunting for partridge. the roads are rough but still decent enough. i saw a bird, i put the vehicle in park but left it running, got out of the vehicle and took aim at the bird. it ran into the bush, i gave chase. i didnt get it. my vehicle was idling as normal all the while. i walked back to my vehicle, as i got about 5ft away from the hood i hear a 'pop' sound from the engine compartment. not terribly loud, not like a backfire, but loud enough that it made me jump a bit. just one single pop. external nothing sounded different after the pop. i got back into the drivers seat, closed the door, and immediately noticed this loud low pitched rumbling/humming. i turned the engine off, waited a few seconds, then turned it over, and didnt notice any noise at first, so i put it in drive and continued driving down the bush road. a minute later the rumbling noise starts again. no warnings, no wind up, nothing. its just there all of a sudden. i stoped the vehicle, put it in park, turned it off, and got out. i opened the hood and looked inside and saw nothing out of the ordinary. i checked my oil level which was fine. i checked my coolant level which was fine. i looked underneath the vehicle from both sides. on the passenger side there was some fluid dripping, i dipped my finger in and had a sniff- it had no odour and seemed to be just warm water. i got back in my vehicle and turned to over again, and just let it idle. after 1min, the rumble/hum starts right back up. i turned the engine off and noticed the noise still present after the engine is off, though now sounding like its winding down. not knowing whats going on and not wanting to get stuck in the middle of the bush, i decided to turn around and head back- rumbling/humming the whole way. after driving for about 20min and not noticing any change or reduction in performance i decided that maybe the vehicle just needed some rest and relaxation, so i parked, turned it off, set up a 20m dipole antenna and did radio stuff for about an hour (im a HAM). after an hour i packed up my radio stuff, and turned the vehicle over again. after 1min the rumbling/humming started again. i then drove home. after getting off the bush road i then drove for another 90km on a highway going 130km/h (80mph) (i like to speed, dont judge me). during this time the noise did not change. it did not change at all while accelerating or decelerating, nore while turn or stopping. the only change i noticed is that at higher speeds the normal engine noise grew louder then the humming/rumbling and drowned it out. after driving the 90km the noise was still present an had not changed. during this drive no engine lights came on, no change in performance was noticed, my engine heat level never increased beyond the usual 1/2 way point. it was all as normal, except there was the humming/rumbling noise present.
additional information:
first off i'd like to say that im about 99% confident that this isnt an exhaust leak because i have an already existing exhuast leak which is still present along with the new noise, also exhaust leak noises change as the vehicle accells/decels. the new noise dosnt. also there has been alot of rattling and clattering coming from the underside of my vehicle for a while. it happens only when i go over rough ground and isnt present on smooth road. my assumption is that its exhaust noise or possibly suspension noise? though maybe it could be related to the new noise? i kinda doubt it, but im not a mechanic. other then that, im overdue for an oil change by about 400 miles. im gonna change the oil tomorrow

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
Tom Greenleaf profile image

Sep 19, 2021, 9:46 PM

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Re: 2010 Mazda Tribute loud lowpitched rummbling/humming noise from engine compartment Sign In

Don't ever be late on oil changing - get that done NOW!

Noises are hard enough when in front of people so your novel of all this from engine in this case you need to focus till you find what item(s) can cause it.

Take belt(s) off, run for a few seconds if noise gone spin items and see if one doesn't feel right. You need to know what "right" feels like vs bad or wasting your time.

If not up on very few things to do routinely stuff will be trouble like replace any/all rubber belts on time for accessories and as applicable for valve train.

That's listed for each vehicle for reason so don't ignore it,


New User

Sep 20, 2021, 12:40 AM

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Re: 2010 Mazda Tribute loud lowpitched rummbling/humming noise from engine compartment Sign In

the novel was intended to provide as much detail as possible, as was requested in the rules section that i read before posting.

like i say, ill be doing the oil change tomorrow. i know i shouldnt have let it go so long, but the good news is i have the filter and oil already, just need to do the work.
ill take the belt off, as you suggest, and see what happens

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