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Noise after changing timing cover gasket

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New User

Dec 11, 2020, 6:39 PM

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Noise after changing timing cover gasket Sign In

As a last resort im trying to throw up a flare and hope somebody can help. I have a 91 dodge dakota (3.9l v6). I had a coolant leak that was coming out of the timing cover. I ripped everything apart and changed the timing cover gasket & water pump gasket. I got the bolts kind of mixed up but i think i got them in the right places.

I put it all back together and started to fill the coolant only to find out a hole got poked in my radiator. When the order came in I put everything together and started it up only to hear a horrible sound that I cant even describe, so I made a video and posted on youtube.

Heres the link

I figured it might be the bearing to my power steering pump so I took off that belt. It stopped making the sound as much while idling, but when i stepped on the gas it started doing it again then died. In the video my smog pump is bypassed, in case someone wants to tell me i forgot it. Lol

Any ideas or suggestions? This is my work truck for my business i just started. Christmas is coming up and I spent my xmas money buying parts. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Double J
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Dec 11, 2020, 8:06 PM

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Re: Noise after changing timing cover gasket Sign In

I'll venture a guess

Video isn't long enough for me to dial in on it and I'm hard of hearing. But something you mentioned about the PS belt off and noise lessened gave me this thought.

Sounds like possibly a belt noise. If belts get coolant on them and /or the pulleys, they will sound off.
Try spritzing the belts with WD 40 or PB blaster while its running and see if the noise goes away.
If it does, it will be back so the fix is to replace the belts and thoroughly clean and dry the pulleys.
Careful , when spraying so it doesn't splash in your eyes.

Take all the belts off and start it and see if noise is gone

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New User

Dec 11, 2020, 10:03 PM

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Re: Noise after changing timing cover gasket Sign In

I took all the belts off. It still made the grinding/scraping sound. It only makes the sound when i rev it up.

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Dec 12, 2020, 1:25 PM

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Figured it out. I accidently threaded the puller into the sleeve for the balancer. It was scraping againt the timing cover

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