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Plymouth Clicking Sound

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Jul 3, 2021, 3:48 AM

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Plymouth Clicking Sound Sign In

My girlfriends car was making a clicking sound when going around corners. She works for a repair shop that replaced the CV axel assembly already. The noise is still their, In fact it is getting worse and now progressed to always doing it she said.
I told her it sounds like the CV joint or wheel hub. But she argues with me on it saying three of them looked at it and had it on the hoist and said it needs a new strut assembly. As a ex-mechanic I disagree with their diagnosis, however I haven't had the opportunity to look at it. Only ridden in the vehicle as a passenger. I have mobility issues so it's hard for me to work on cars anymore.
Apparently theirs no indication of anything rubbing. She said's it doesn't change with speed. But I hadn't ridden in the car yesterday evening since it started doing it all the time as she said's. It only did it turning until after she dropped me off. So yes it's getting progressively worse very fast.
I asked her why they think its the strut assembly and she couldn't give me a answer aside from they "checked" the wheel bearing "hub" on the hoist and replaced the axel assembly already.
I have a feeling she's not told me all the info, or has some confusion or misunderstanding, but is very bull headed and defensive.
Anyways I use to be a mechanic, and it sounds like a CV axel or wheel hub to me. They are having a hard time finding a strut assembly, or more importantly the springs itself. I looked myself and for some reason, these coil springs are out everywhere, both locally and nationally. They found two used strut assembly out of state they have to get shipped which is going to be over $600. Yes, that's insane over $600 for two used strut assemblies. Personally I think its time to scrap the car.
Anyway's what's your thoughts? Strut assembly, hub, or cv joint? This doesn't seem to make noise hitting bumps.
I know its been roughly 20 years since I worked on vehicles professionally, but I just don't see it as a strut related issue.

Hammer Time
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Jul 3, 2021, 5:12 AM

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Re: Plymouth Clicking Sound Sign In

How about you tell us what this car is. Year, make, model and engine size.

Did they change both axles or just one?


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