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Strange squeaking noise from mostly rear window/sometimes front area of car

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Mar 12, 2017, 5:46 PM

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Strange squeaking noise from mostly rear window/sometimes front area of car Sign In

Hello, I have a 99 chevy malibu with 199400 kilometres on it, it has the 2.4 4banger engine, and recently i had a panel in the corner that was rattling and now i am hearing a strange squeaking that sounds exactly like a bird chirping quickly. it sounds like it is coming from the back right corner of the rear windshield of the car, and is definitely making this noise inside the car. the strangest part, sometimes i can hear it from the front too, by the dash or feet area! its very annoying, and if this helps, i bottomed out before this noise started happening, but i am hearing nothing outside the vehicle, and the same area had the rattling noise before this. i am unsure if this is electrical or suspension or what, i have no idea. i cant figure out what it is. i lubricated all the suspension and brake parts and even some interior parts and still this sound persists. if anybody could help me out that would be tremendous. its the a pillar area it is coming from.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Mar 13, 2017, 12:25 AM

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Re: Strange squeaking noise from mostly rear window/sometimes front area of car Sign In

Moved this to Engine and Car Noises section as it's unknown totally what or where noise is.

You stated it all started this noise when you bottomed out? Well there's the clue to go on. Just how hard did this do that? Scrape the road and damage or how hard did it hit?

That's damage so far not normal wear or lack of lubrication which you should be doing anyway.

Since you really don't know which "side of a barn" this noise is coming from, front, rear, under or over probably best to get it inspected underside where it hit to look for damaged parts, bent parts. Another is have a passenger move around inside if you think it is an listen for it.

Begs lots of info: When does it make this noise first? Only while moving, only by RPM of engine for example. Can it make this noise if not moving and even not running?

IDK - You may have damaged or bent exhaust parts that now rub metal to metal?

Would be nice to know what driving conditions can make this better or worse or if noise is always present no matter what,



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