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Cd player wont turn on

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Nov 11, 2010, 11:59 AM

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Cd player wont turn on Sign In

Hello, new to this forum!

Right, i have a Clio, 1.2 1998.

When the brought the car it had a JVC cd player in it, it was working fine for about 4 months, then recently it has started to turn itself off. I would be driving, listening to music and it would turn itself off, but i when i pressed the power on button it would turn back on straight away. Anyway, i got sick off this, and decided to change the cd player (as i thought it was a fault with the cd player that was broken)

Me and a mate removed the cd player, and placed my spare one in, a sony one. When the ignition first starts, you can hear the cd player has power, as it will make a noise when it starts up, however, there just seems to be no power to the front plate, looks completely dead. So, i thought maybe the CD player was dead, and we tried a 3rd cd player, but nothing, no power to this one either.

We checked the fuse in the cd player, and the one in the car, and its fine, and have had a look at the wiring in the back of the cd player, all is inserted into correct place.

What else can i try? Is it a case of stripping the power cable out? This is a job that i dont know how to do myself. What i cant understand is that the Sony cd has power as you can hear it power up when i start the ignition, but nothing happens when you press any of the buttons.

Iv put the JVC one back in, (the one that was turning off when i was driving) and that wont even turn on at all now!

Is there a simple solution? Or is this going to be a big job?



Nov 12, 2010, 10:31 AM

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Re: Cd player wont turn on Sign In

first, you might want to check all the fuses in the vehicle as most radios now require two power sources, a switched and a constant. if all the fuses are good, make sure you don't have a loose wire somplace. if you have a multimeter or test light, make sure you are getting power to both the red and yellow wires.


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