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2010 Suzuki SX4 persistant Misfiring

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New User

Sep 14, 2022, 11:37 AM

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2010 Suzuki SX4 persistant Misfiring Sign In

I have a 2010 Suzuki SX4 that has had a persistant electrical/cylinder misfiring issue all year. It started as a misfire code, so i changed all the spark plugs. Runs fine for a few weeks then begins misfiring again. I changed the ignition coils twice this year and the spark plugs three times. Every mechanic I take it to either says its fine or just wants to change out the plugs/coils again without looking for the issue that is causing them to burn out. But i know its not the parts, its something affecting the parts, some under lying cause. The plugs are only have a few months of use on them and you can see they are burnt already. I live in a small town so i exhausted the mechanics i can take it to, and i only have a small amount of experience with working on cars. Would a bad alternator cause this? Is there too much power being sent to the cylinders? Any advice on a direction to go in solving this problem would be greatly appreciated. What would cause my plugs/coils to keep burning out, causing misfiring and the engine running rough?

Hammer Time
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Sep 14, 2022, 1:20 PM

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Re: 2010 Suzuki SX4 persistant Misfiring Sign In

The plugs and coils are not burning out. There is an issue in the circuits that control the coils, assuming this is actually an ignition issue and not a fuel or compression problem which it very well could be.

More likely this is there is a wiring or computer problem. There is a common power supply to all coils and individual trigger wires that go to the computer and are operated by a final transistor in the PCM.

There can be a bad connection at one of the wiring plugs, a shorted wire in the harness or even a problem with the transistor in the PCM.

You are going to need a specialized Auto Electric shop to diagnose this properly.


We offer help in answering questions, clarifying things or giving advice but we are not a substitute for an on-site inspection by a professional.

Tom Greenleaf
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Sep 14, 2022, 5:06 PM

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Re: 2010 Suzuki SX4 persistant Misfiring Sign In

? and quote you ">It started as a misfire code, so i changed all the spark plugs. Runs fine for a few weeks then begins misfiring again<"

Did you do the plugs or a shop? If you did, there are clues on just one if misfire is picking on just one. If the case swap that with another see if misfire follows it.

You also said it's done this all year! I understand out in the boonies, and hard to find a selection of techs nearby but that's a LONG time to drive it misfiring!

That may (IDK for sure) have allowed fuel to wash out cylinder of oil with fuel still going in if that at all.

You said just a novice at this so and if you did the plugs swaptronics with the ones you have taking a good look at each.

If one get or borrow a compression tested do more than one for comparison or the whole test with wet (some oil squirted in, not much) will raise compression some not the world is just worn out.

It's likely one (guess) as replacing plugs seemed to work but didn't last. So check wires to each and compare the plugs. Plugs alone can and are defective new usually from being dropped - they can crack so unseen you don't see it NEW even before you got them.

All guesses but high voltage items are fragile things can easily be mishandled new or you in doing it.

End all is driving a poorly running engine does great harm beyond initial problem some so costly you won't be happy,


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