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Honda accord 2005 3.0 stuck in alarm mode

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Jul 23, 2023, 7:54 PM

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OK so it's been a whole process of my husband and partly myself I believe causing this issue. Let me start by explaining everything that has happened its a series of events that have led to my cars alarm constantly going off and will not stop even with the negative terminal being removed for almost 10 min.
#1 Husband had inverter given to him which he rewired because it didn't have a plug to plug on the cigarette lighter and it popped the acc fuse, replaced and worked
#2 alternator needed to be replaced from power steering fluid leak
#3 window control panel on the driver's side front door took a dump and was being rolled up and down by either a key or smaller screwdriver, I couldn't get the window up and husband went outside and I'm unsure of what he exactly did but it popped whatever fuse runs the blinkers and he replaced them that was a little over a week ago
#4 the key stopped rolling up and down the windows when the key was used to unlock and lock the doors 1 week ago
#5key fob battery died, key stopped unlocking all doors when turned twice
#6after unlocking door and reaching in to unlock backdoor to put items I needed for work in the backseat the alarm goes off and will not turn off please help me I'm literally on the verge of a mental breakdown this is our only way to get back and forth for work or anything and we don't have the money to put it in the shop, im now jobless because of the last incident and I am desperate for any advice please help!

Hammer Time
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Jul 24, 2023, 3:42 AM

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Re: Honda accord 2005 3.0 stuck in alarm mode Sign In

I'm afraid you're in a bit of a mess because you would fix this yourself. You're going to need some expensive equipment to access the Body Control Module and look through the data for something causing the trigger.

Stop disconnecting the battery. All that does is reactivate the security system that you can't shut off.


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