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2006 PT Cruiser loses speed and jerks

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Apr 8, 2011, 12:56 PM

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2006 PT Cruiser loses speed and jerks Sign In

Just bought a used 2006 PT Cruiser. Only has 28,000 miles on it. Ran great on the way home from the dealer but after a couple of days started having problems. Periodically as your driving along it starts to jerk and drops speed, then it stops jerking and speeds up again. Then other times it acts like it's going to stall out if your just setting still. Took it to AutoZone and it came up as transaxle control module. So I took it back to the dealer and they say theres nothing wrong with it. When it first did it I just thought it was bad gas, but I filled it twice and put in additive and it still does it. Has anyone else had these problems with their 06 PT ? I had a 01 Cruiser and never experienced this.

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Jul 21, 2011, 2:20 PM

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Re: 2006 PT Cruiser loses speed and jerks Sign In

I have the exact same problem with the exact same response from the dealer and also my thinking it was bad gas. One day on the highway it starting speeding up to 80 mph without me stepping on the gas pedal. I had to throw it in neutral to keep from going faster and/or use my brakes and avoid running into someone. After they "repaired" that, it's back to the stalling and choking out and the RPM's are roaring up when I'm only going 25 mph! I thought this was just me but I think I'd better start looking for another car.

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Jul 22, 2011, 7:52 AM

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Re: 2006 PT Cruiser loses speed and jerks Sign In

I ran into that problem with a customer's PT cruiser the same year as yours. What I found by accident during diagnosis was the connectors terminals that plug into the front control module lose terminal tension causing intermittent electrical concerns.

The way I found it was by wiggling the wiring harnesses that go up underneath the module which caused the problem to show up. I had to dissemble the connectors and re tension the terminals.

The terminals are kind of dinky on those and it wouldn't take many plugging and un-plugging of the connectors to cause the terminal to lose tension.

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