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P0303 Lancer

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Apr 8, 2011, 9:03 PM

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P0303 Lancer Sign In

i have a 2003 mitsubishi lancer, 2.0 liter, with 140,000 miles. my check engine light came on and it started to run a little rough but not too bad just when i first started it up and then it would be ok. it progressively got worse and now it stumbles so hard it sounds like it is going to die when i stop, and has a very hard time accelerating. i had it plugged in a the code came up P0303 cylinder 3 misfire. i recently changed the oil and ran injector cleaner through it. i also unplugged the injectors one by one and they all seem to be ok. i checked the compression and they all read the same. and i checked the spark plugs and they all had spark. i'm really trying to avoid taking it in too a shop so if anyone has anything that might help i would really appreciate it. thanks!

Hammer Time
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Apr 9, 2011, 4:57 AM

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Re: P0303 Lancer Sign In

You have a misfire occurring on cylinder #3. There are numerous possible causes of that so if you can't find the problem, you are probably going to have to pay the shop to do it for you. It can be plugs, wires, coils, injectors, vacuum leaks, wiring, etc, etc


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