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Re: Water in Cylinder/ hydrolocked

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New User

Apr 25, 2021, 8:03 PM

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Re: Water in Cylinder/ hydrolocked Sign In

3.8 Engine hydrolocked and going through this now...most likely the windshield cowl drain has a gap between where it mounts to the cowl with the three 6 mm bolts (above the plastic manifold on top of the engine)- that water is ending up on top of and working into the engine more likely in the rear cylinders closer the the firewall, just drained a gallon of water from the oil pan and took 6 spark plugs out when water came out of that last rear cylinder I removed them from...only then could i turn the crankshaft with a wrench by hand, before this the starter sounded like a loud BANG! when trying to turn it over.. I also had the car sitting for total 5 months and it had started fine after 3, but after 2 months more, this happened and ethanol in that gas could also have well separated to fuel and water I drained the fuel through the schrader valve at the fuel rail test point, removed relay 207 and used a short wire to bridge contacts 3 & 5, ran the pump 15 sec on / one minute off to be safe from overheating...hope this helps.

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Tom Greenleaf
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Apr 26, 2021, 2:37 AM

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Re: Water in Cylinder/ hydrolocked Sign In

Sport, that thread was from 2010! It's locked now, T
Was this >

Hammer Time
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Apr 26, 2021, 3:53 AM

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Re: Water in Cylinder/ hydrolocked Sign In

Rain water doesn't get into the engine.

If you have water in the cylinder and the engine hasn't been submerged in a flood, then you have a blown head gasket.


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