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flange seal between mufflers and catalytic

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May 23, 2023, 11:34 AM

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flange seal between mufflers and catalytic Sign In

2005 Toyota Corolla 1.8

Leak. Previous repair was a goop up. I took it apart and dropped the muffler to clean the pipe. What a mess. I removed everything in there, and now there are only a few ridges of rust.

The seal is a silvery donut that looks like it's designed to crush. Placing it in the pipe, the rust ridges don't allow it to seat totally. In fact the donut is mostly out of inside of the pipe. Should I be concerned? Is there a dressing that I should apply?

The pipes, muffler side to cat, bolt together with two bolts using springs to press the flanges of the two pipes together. I mention this because the arrangement will limit the amount of force I can use to seat this seal.

Part 2. Just took a close look at the cat side of the pipe. It's really corroded. I assume it should have a flat surface for the seal. I intend to grind it a little and clean it up unless others have ideas to the contrary. (Maybe goop?)


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Hammer Time
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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May 23, 2023, 12:10 PM

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Re: flange seal between mufflers and catalytic Sign In

Is this actually leaking exhaust?


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Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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May 23, 2023, 10:09 PM

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Re: flange seal between mufflers and catalytic Sign In

Verify no leaks now. Can plug at tailpipe end(s) usually just hear it?

Those "donut" gasket with spring loaded pressure allow for motion the bell can lose it, flange may go weak many stuck there welded in before bell was made.

Chances to include it was already messed with/altered but safe once before IDK talented welder's at chain "muffler shops" can and do quickly just add those ends/connections with a hunt can be found to replace this stuff with clever open flange that wraps around after cutting off old ones - on and on.

Welded on nuts, bolts if found try not to bust will not if glowing fast red hot (oxy/acet) torches most wouldn't own hysterically dangerous heat.

Choose from what you see and test strength with like channel lock pliers for no easy denting or deflection of metal if it does that will rust thru first or soon. Easy or tough - the tools help volumes for this stuff,


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