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Chevrolet Blazer coolant level

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New User

Aug 13, 2021, 8:59 AM

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Chevrolet Blazer coolant level Sign In

I have a question about my Chevrolet Blazer 2019.
I have about 15,000 km so far and I attached my coolant level picture.
I don’t understand if I need to add more coolant or I still have some time.
Please see picture attached.
It seems slightly below the upper side of the arrow, it it enough for now? What’s the minimum level allowed in this kind of tank? How much more time I can drive without topping off the level. My next regular maintenance is schedule around 2 months from now and I drive around 20-30km per day.
Thank you

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Aug 13, 2021, 9:25 AM

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Re: Chevrolet Blazer coolant level Sign In

Pretty much should be between the "High arrow and Low" arrow, always. Picture was a nice attempt just hard to see for me. It matters WHEN you check it. Fully warmed up at the high, cold this time of year hope is above the low arrow.

This is temp sensitive for decent averages so it can matter a lot if you are in an extreme being summer and engine just run at or a smidge above high mark.
If this tank has the pressure cap on it or not also matters when you mess with it if at all right now needs some always or would return air.
Note of the day is "closed" systems are so there's never air in cooling system of engine itself or radiator. It really shouldn't consume any if you know of this needing topping off that isn't right.

What and when are temps when you checked?


New User

Aug 13, 2021, 9:34 AM

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Re: Chevrolet Blazer coolant level Sign In

This picture taken in the morning when temperature is cold.
It's pretty confusing since older vehicles had the regular max and min where it was easy to understand. According to picture, the level is slightly below the upper side of the arrow but not in the crosshutched area, it's not clear what should be the perfect level and what's supposed to be the lower level. how to know where to keep the level always? another thing I wanted to ask is if I do decided to add some coolant, is it necessary to turn on the vehicle with the cap off for some time as it's what the manual says, or it's fine only to add until the top of the arrow, and close the cap the continue driving?

Hammer Time
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Aug 13, 2021, 10:49 AM

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Re: Chevrolet Blazer coolant level Sign In

As Tom said, the level fluctuates with temp so always check it before it is driven in the morning. It appears low right now. The level is not firm, just bring it up another 1/2" to 1".


We offer help in answering questions, clarifying things or giving advice but we are not a substitute for an on-site inspection by a professional.

Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Aug 13, 2021, 11:01 AM

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Re: Chevrolet Blazer coolant level Sign In

Picture is different on a different program now. It's fine but would bug me so add a little BUT make a note that you added any.

Cold is REAL cold to me like below 10F or more it does where I am. It also was already 104F - real air temps.

Engines run above boiling points is the reason for a "closed system" a "recovery" tank is for that, universal about now.

Expansion and contraction is measured in known amounts attempts to show you where are for normal ranges.

Engine running should be if a gauge that you believe above a boiling number but be doing that about all year long.

Add and carry some 50/50 coolant exact what this calls for with you and watch it a lot. It's NOT supposed to consume coolant - pretty much ever so worth paying attention.

It's pretty new but may have been worked, you didn't say. If anything was done that required draining coolant it's probably just off some.

Don't wait for warning lights and look for drip where it's parked or in sight under-hood now.

Still not to worried now but should pay attention now that you noticed. Then you can relax.

I hope if some place, shop or quickie Lube place that changes your oil, checks fluids tells you they added and to what!

Some things normal to top off some not, this is a not if in range is why you see it and probably windshield washer fluid you expect to use up.

I'll give you credit for asking it's important to know what might be a very small issue now before you get a surprise and really harm things,


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