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Strumming noise on sharp right turns.

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Oct 31, 2020, 7:23 PM

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Strumming noise on sharp right turns. Sign In

I drive a 1979 Dodge b300 5.9 l v8 2bbl. I've noticed when I make a sharp right turn it sounds like maybe the tire is rubbing on or catching something. Kind of like putting a card in the spokes of a bike. Which is why I called it strumming in the title. I don't see anything that should be close enough for the tire to be catching to make that sound. I do need a bit of speed before it starts doing it. Like maybe 10 mph. I didn't look at the speedometer so it could be less. So I'm just looking for suggestions on what it could be. Like could the fan possibly be doing that? If so why only on right turns.

Tom Greenleaf
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Nov 1, 2020, 2:27 AM

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Re: Strumming noise on sharp right turns. Sign In

It's me again let's hope this one is easier! Noise on a turn, even slow speed? I'd like to add this is a camper backed HD truck/van so probably doesn't get a lot of routine use and or time not used this would be my check list for this:
Turn wheels to the right and hoist up FL wheel? Why? Weight shifts to that side even on slow turns so try to check all. Hoist by lower control arm just enough to pry up that checks lower ball joint to check EVERYTHING if there anyway.
Now check play for wheel bearing I'd bet inner and outer, greasable and adjustable would be routine for 70s vehicles and many HD things! Save the wild book on that if you find excessive play, there should be almost none, some very minor may be OK.
Now wheel off and look at brake, brake backing plate, any sway bar, shocks and lift that caliper and see what brakes look like pads, rotors and all! Check any inner fender shrouds, mud flaps or things showing wear from being loose or that are loose!

This could be a whole longer list from tire to rim noise, loose lug nuts (more common on left sides) anything that turns when it's moving.

This age or lots younger this would be a routine to check things strong guess isn't a commuter vehicle look for troubles from long times of sitting.

Last for this post: Grease everything you can find while there it's loaded with fittings! Get new ones if those break off there are tools to remove broken ones and install new just do them, all of them and grease often they last if you do them periodically. If never touched this could be a Pandora's Box of worn parts those with fittings meant it and needed routine service,


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