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05 Chevy Venture - Shifting Issues When Cold

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Jul 2, 2021, 7:09 PM

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05 Chevy Venture - Shifting Issues When Cold Sign In

Hey guy, First post here! So I have my wife's 05 Chevy Venture, I'll probably end up taking her into the transmission shop because I F'ING HATE working on mini vans! But maybe someone can help me shed some light on this issue and it's not something that will require pulling the tranny like I think it is!

So, every morning when the van's fully cooled down or sometimes when she's sat 5-6 hours plus, This old girl just doesn't want to go into gear. The shifter will move freely, and the door locks will lock, like normally, when put into drive or reverse, but none of the gear will actually engage. At first I was thinking there was an issue with the shift cable, but after dicking around with it long enough, I realize once the van's warmed up and I turn the van off then back on, she normally will pop into gear with no real issue. My wife also found out if you give her a bit more gas long enough it'll SLAM into gear, which I directed her to stop doing. LOL. So now I'm leaning more to a solenoid issue.

I'm not in huge rush to get this fix being I bought the wife a well deserved 2015 Mazda 6, but I'd still like to get her back in better working order for hauling stuff when needed and turn it into a second work van for the guys. If anyone might have an idea what's going on here I'd love to hear it! If it wouldn't require pulling the motor or transmission, I could knock out the work, but I absolutely HATE working on mini vans, so like I said, if it's going to require pulling it, I'll gladly pay a reliable shop to do the work! Besides the shifting issue and a small kick every now and again, she runs great and shifts great once she gets moving.


Jul 7, 2021, 3:40 PM

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Re: 05 Chevy Venture - Shifting Issues When Cold Sign In

First thing i would like for you to do is when the car is stone cold, after it sat overnite, do not start the car, pull the stick out wipe it and stick the transmission to see where the fluid level is, i would like to know how far above the full mark it is, see if it's 2 1/2 inches above the full mark(or it may not be) I think you may have either a drain back problem or it's low on fluid. very hard to get a true reading with these units so i alway overfill it by a little, this way i know it's full. Gary(transmission shop owner) If fluid level looks ok, may be internal which i can get into. but check fluid level first

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