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Is my gearbox leaking/ How do I change transmission fluid?

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New User

Oct 16, 2020, 5:35 PM

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Is my gearbox leaking/ How do I change transmission fluid? Sign In

I have a Ford Ka ru8 1.2L, 2012 model and it has terrible acceleration. The RPM is goíng up but I feel very little of actual acceleration..

I heard it could be because I need a transmission oil change, but the model doesn't have any valve to fill in transmission oil.

As I was doing an oilfilter change I took some pictures, and I think I found the transmission, and I think it's leaking :(

Here's some pictures I took today and I've marked where I think the leakage is:

I'm honestly completely new to fixing cars, so talk to me like I'm a retarded child when it comes to cars :p

Here's a picture of my 'transmission':
Question 1: Is this the transmission?
Question 2: Is this leaking? (if so what to do)
Question 3: How do I change transmission fluid?

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Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Oct 17, 2020, 12:48 AM

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Re: Is my gearbox leaking/ How do I change transmission fluid? Sign In

Hi - This is a US site (fine) don't think this car is sold or seen here at all info limited:
So - to the point it shift hard and no acceleration or was mentioned? That leak is minor at a glance doesn't take much to make a mess.
Changing fluid on a manual gearbox is unique to each some do or don't use drain plugs + fill to a part way up plug till full + stop there. That alone shouldn't fix all problems.
The pic is great BTW! It shows clutch cable and shifter mechanism! That is so dry of lube you spray or oil from OUTSIDE of the box to get smooth again or would freeze up and do all you are complaining about! It's not listed as a routine to do that - just do it it's so corroded it's not moving properly now.

Keep the TL;DR if you can't read or type for explaining things just shut your device off and join the land of IDIOTS that will never know a thing if not on some video someone else did to confuse you even more about what should be obvious stuff,


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