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1972 Buick Skylark, Engine Seized. Need advice

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Sep 23, 2018, 5:32 PM

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1972 Skylark, v8 350. 47000 miles. Purchased by my Aunt, driven till late 80s or early 90s. Purchased by my step father, driven minimally, possibly due to gasket isssue below. parked in barn and cranked occasionally until my step father died in 2012. not sure the last time he cranked it, maybe 2011, maybe 2009.. I recently got the car from my mom and the engine is seized.

The engine is currently apart, intake, heads off, fan off, exhaust off.

There seems to have been a head gasket failure on the front passenger side cylinder and water/coolant/moisture got into that cylinder, there was some rust on the walls, not lots of it. I took a small buffing wheel and buffed most of it out. soaked cylinders with oil from work overnight, still wouldnt budge. cleaned out oil, sprayed with Pb Blaster, waited hour, tried prybar on crank, and wouldnt budge.

The engine is still in the car soaking atm with the pb blaster, will be second night soaking. I need advice on how to unstick the engine in this old classic. the plan will be to remove the engine soon. we moved it into position yesterday.

Im open to any suggestions, as this car will be much better than my 99 Camry.. thanks folks

Hammer Time
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Sep 23, 2018, 7:07 PM

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Re: 1972 Buick Skylark, Engine Seized. Need advice Sign In

Stop wasting your time. The coolant fused the piston to the cylinder wall. It needs a new engine.


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Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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Sep 24, 2018, 10:32 PM

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Re: 1972 Buick Skylark, Engine Seized. Need advice Sign In

They probably overheated the snot out of it and it seized up. That's why it's sitting in the barn. At the very least the engine is going to have to completely be dismantled and inspected to see if it's worth restoring. The Buick 350 has a different bellhousing bolt pattern than the Chevrolet 350. Not sure how easy it is to find bop engines these days.

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