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1952 ford customline 6 volt question

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Oct 7, 2015, 11:28 AM

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1952 ford customline 6 volt question Sign In

Hello everyone here at the forum.Well,my 55 ford 2 door station wagon is still in the body shop where they are putting in new floor pan and some body work.While its away right now, I decided to work on the turn signals of my 1952 ford 4 door customline car.
I kept this car all original.Its a 6 volt positive ground system.I have a question and hopefully someone here can help.In the daytime,when the sun is bright,people that are driving behind me are not able to see my turn signals and therefore,I have to reach out with my hand and make the signals( like in the old days).In the night time they are ok.Anyway,this is what I am trying to do and you guys let me know if it will work or not.This conversion will only be for the stop and turn signals.Everything else will still be 6volts.I have a 6 to 12 volt converter that will accept 6 volts and step it up to 12 volts.I will wire it as needed to supply 12v.From this supply,I will feed the 12v to the X terminal on the signal flasher.I will replace all 4 1154 bulbs (6volts) with 1157 (12 volts) and also the 2 GE51 bulbs from the dash to 12v.
I will replace the flasher with a 12 volt type. I am also going to replace the stop light switch with a 12 volt type switch.So,I now will have 12 volts going to the flasher,a new 12 volt flasher,stop light and turn signal bulbs,2 new 12 volt turn signal indicator bulbs,and a new 12 volt stop light switch. Hopefully I will have brighter stop and turn signals in the day time where people can see them.
What do you think about this idea? I can convert the whole 6 v system to a 12v but I don't really want to that.Maybe one of you guys have a better idea than going tru all this .I just want this lites to be brighter in the day time.The sun here in Arizona is pretty bright.
Thanks to all you with your help.

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Oct 7, 2015, 12:38 PM

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Re: 1952 ford customline 6 volt question Sign In

   they now sell increased candle power 1154 bulbs for this problem, done this often on motorcycles...
do the math and check new bulb amp ratings.... my experience they are lower likely the new materials they use.

google "extra bright 1154 automotive bulbs' let us know how you do......


Oct 7, 2015, 2:02 PM

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Re: 1952 ford customline 6 volt question Sign In

Thanks for your suggestion.I will try that first before I take on my project.

Tom Greenleaf
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Oct 7, 2015, 3:18 PM

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Re: 1952 ford customline 6 volt question Sign In

? - What voltage do you really read at the sockets? Whatever conversion with 6V things to 12V things lots to consider. Pos ground is just knowing it for the most part and checks just use probes still according to pos and neg on your device knowing polarity is only reversed on vehicle not your testing equipment.

Bulbs should be well marked and could be tested with a 6V camp lantern battery which are 6V just FYI. Is/are bulbs really dim or lenses the issue comes to mind?
Other info for complaints with 6V vehicles/machines in general. I hear some will find an 8V battery (I have not on my own current 6V pos ground vehicle!) just to make it crank faster if nothing more then mind bending to not burn out points or overheat a coil so I didn't personally.

Check voltage at sockets to be sure is first, then bulbs with known 6V power and watch,


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