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1956 Series 75 rebiuld, custom body mounts

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May 15, 2015, 5:34 PM

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1956 Series 75 rebiuld, custom body mounts Sign In

A little background before my question. I bought a 1956 Caddy limo that someone started (poorly) to marry a 1996 Caprice Chassis to the body. I liked the idea of having a newer Chassis that has available modern parts. I plan on driving this very heavy car when done on long vacation road trips and formal events, not a show car. I'm doing a complete frame up rebiuld. Big job for a 1st project, I'm mechanical inclined but rarely worked on cars, thankfully I have the Internet. I done rebiulding the chassis suspension and now I want to refit/ remount the body. The previous owner only used a handful of the many mount position, and welded in a few other places.... No bushings or or rubber mounts. I'm reworking frame to use original factory mount positions.

Any advice on bolt diameters, bushing types, rubber or nylon? I need to use the minimum height posible, sugestions? Should the bolt OD match the bushings ID or should there be space between them, if so how much. links to suggested parts would be welcome. Thanks in advance and please take it easy on this novice.

Any suggestions on bo

Tom Greenleaf
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May 15, 2015, 8:09 PM

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Re: 1956 Series 75 rebiuld, custom body mounts Sign In

Quote">> I plan on driving this very heavy car when done on long vacation road trips and formal events<<"

You are joking aren't you? What kinda road service or tow club are you in - you'll need it.

For mounts find a site that sells stuff for truck lifts, or custom Hot rod stuff and can find stuff for just that.

The limo stuff: Hey - when they sell a car new intended to be altered it's a whole car new with what's called "Limo Prep" such that suspension and all kinds of things are expecting car to be cut and lengthened to a specific amount - aftermarket stuff, body parts available for that. 1956 Fleetwood 75 alone TMK was factory ready not chopped up but not sure either and doesn't matter anymore with this cobbled thing now I guess.

You have to think more about where it needs to be strong. Caprice didn't use a box beam chassis so you fix that if it isn't, driveshaft made to fit what now should be a truck's rear differential and more. Chopped the wiring was too to make at least common mandatory lighting work for rear then whatever toys and features usually put on a board behind driver's seat.

You seem to be able to make things fit but when this is done they really do think about what forces will be where up to will roof buckle and bend, suspension strong enough and most just forget about steering geometry so all drive like crap, hard on tires.

That's just so it doesn't bend itself into a mess. Now all the other things from a 56 body to 96 chassis is going to test your handy skills. I think Caddy didn't even use electric window motors in '56 - were hydraulic using brake fluid. This should be funCrazy

I think you'd do better with a limo specialty site for this. Hard enough when both body and frame were meant to make a limo creation let alone make it drive, steer and stop with any thought and carry extra weight.

You also have heat and almost mandatory A/C needed for that back which will be an oven on a cool day without it.

I think the GM limo prep parts will come from the Cadillac body - the chassis items should be similar to either? Not sure, GM was getting out of the limo game.

Lots to do and think about in all aspects of this car. It will (where I am) have to pass for a '96 (horrid year to mess with) for all safety and emissions as where I am a car is the frame, not the body so all lighting, emissions and safety items including finally calling this something will be a 1996 and require OBDII computer hook up unless you can call it a 1956 and can do what you want but it still has to drive properly and strong enough all over not just the frame mounts,



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