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Advice on selling a truck

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Jan 19, 2021, 5:53 PM

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  post locked   Advice on selling a truck  

I'm hoping to find advice on selling a 1962 Chevy C10 long bed. The truck belonged to my brother who recently passed. He took pride in his restoration work but never completed the job. Lots of pics of his work available. All exterior metal body rot has been taken care of and it looks like the original engine has been cleaned and does run smoothly (New plugs, wires, air filter, etc.) The bad: I believe his goal was to do some sort of resto-mod by putting the body on the frame of a newer rig. That part was never done. The interior floor does have some rust that he didn't repair but the rest of the interior looks clean. The bed of the truck is wood and there is some wood rot he never got to. I tried to start it but the battery was dead. Jumping it got it running but once turned off, it wouldn't start again. I left it on a trickle charger and it started right up and was able to shut it off and restart. A couple weeks later, the battery is dead again. I don't know if it's the battery or if something is draining the battery. I'd like to sell the truck as my nieces could use the funds for the estate bills, however I don't know that putting money into tracking the problem is a wise investment or not and was hoping to get your thoughts.

The details: 1962 Chevy C10 long bed, I BELIEVE 3.8 v6 with a three on the tree transmission. I don't know the mileage but can get that if necessary.

Is putting a new battery in it going to increase the value that much? How much or what price range might it be worth? Nieces believe he paid $5000 not running before he put the work in so we're not talking a whole lot of money here. Is $7500 to $6500 a ridiculous starting price to post? I'm really uneducated on this topic so would appreciate some knowledge. Thanks!

Tom Greenleaf
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Jan 19, 2021, 11:17 PM

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  post locked   Re: Advice on selling a truck  

Sorry for you loss let's see if we can help you sell this if you don't want it at all the best thing to do.
It's a saleable truck STILL lots of interest I thing out there is pre-everything so ripe to modify that alone if you hold title to it is great.
Suggestions since no way I can value the thing nor should you (opinion only is best anyone can do) is not fix it up at all but state what you have with tons of pics.
They didn't make (TMK) a V6 in '64 it would be an "inline 6" or I-6 is fine. Find out exactly what it is as best you can #s and all. So is "3 on the tree" retro I like those as you can have a passenger in the middle. The purest would want an angry V8 and "4 on the floor" all available now BTW. So are repair metal patches for almost anything for body metal. Wood I've seen done as well.
Find out just what it is and what it was. The must is clean title or this is trouble except IDK where you are could be parts only. Where I am the title is for the frame not anything of the rest.
Find papers or as much info as you can and get it on the market do state that it has zero warranty for fitness of anything, protect yourself. Buyers of such wouldn't care most know what they are after.
Again, forget any battery drain if there is one just show it runs by any means.
Refresh on value is all over the place for such things. Don't be surprised if there's zero interest if you think $7,500 is the # bet less than half if a lot of good parts original like glass, rubber parts, dash parts sparse as it may be at least there.
Papers first so you have the right to sell it then get the ads out there. Start high see what the response is,

(PS:) Look for spare parts, wheels or maybe all kinds of assorted parts and things to go with it they are worth little to you a pest to find and sell those one by one]


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