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xr50r carb question

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Dec 27, 2010, 9:54 AM

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xr50r carb question Sign In

Have a 2001 XR50R that we bought for our 5 year old for Christmas. The carb. is malfunctioning. There is no response when adjusting the mixture screw. It won't idle unless the speed screw is turned in enough to allow the main jet to deliver fuel. I disassembled the carb and find that the primary tube seems to be blocked, If I insert a fine piece of wire into the opening, it only goes in about 1/8" and seems to stop against something hard. This seems to explain why the mixture screw is unresponsive. I don't see how I can remove the tube without destroying it. Can a small drill bit turned by hand help open the circuit? I have tried blowing it out with compressed air and carb cleaner but it doesn't help. It seems the tube is pressed into place and I'm not sure if it is just hollow and should be a direct opening into the body and terminate at the mixture screw opening. It's a completely stock PA42A-OR Keihin unit.Thanks


Dec 27, 2010, 12:49 PM

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Re: xr50r carb question Sign In

I don't know if it would help or hinger, could destroy the carb. Have you ever heard of boiling a carb? Sounds a little weird but on some mower engines, if the carb is blocked or pluged where inaccessable, dissambeled parts could be boiled in water to break up the trash buld up. Just a thought. good luck.

Hammer Time
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Dec 27, 2010, 5:55 PM

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Re: xr50r carb question Sign In

Boiling a carb is probably the most important part of rebuilding one but i don't think anything water based is going to be strong enough to get the varnish out of the tiny passages. It's usually done with a chemical that you would never want to touch your skin.


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Dec 27, 2010, 11:47 PM

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Re: xr50r carb question Sign In

I don't mess with carbs anymore but a guy I know that does older restores and problem children no one else will touch was telling me about his sonic clean machine. He swears by it. He said there had been some older carbs he put in the cleaner , fully assembled, ran it and it cleaned all the plugged up circuits out and the carbs ran & adjusted like new when he was done.

It wouldn't make sense for the OP to buy one, but if he googled automotive sonic cleaners and found a shop that uses one in his area, he might be able to get it cleaned for a reasonable price...

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Dec 30, 2010, 9:01 PM

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Re: xr50r carb question Sign In

Ask around a few machine shops .You may find one that will let your disasembled carb go into there eng cleaning tank on the next run for a nominal charge.Be SURE you have all non-metal parts removed.


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