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Modify Headlight On/Off Behavior 2013 Izuzu NPR

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May 17, 2020, 9:10 PM

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Modify Headlight On/Off Behavior 2013 Izuzu NPR Sign In


We bought a used 2013 Izuzu NPR (single cab, turbo diesel) and it runs fine. The issue is that if the parallel heavy duty batteries go dead its a real pain. I tried to jump it today with my Chevy Express 3500, even letting it charge for 20min while I sat there rev'ing the engine a bit. No go, had to take the batteries out, charge them with a real battery charger, then replace them. This has happened twice now. All our other vehicles have "automagic" headlights and they've trained us over the years not to think anymore that maybe we should check the headlights when we turn the car off. And the truck does not alert the driver that he/she left the lights on, so I know this is going to happen again and again unless I do something.

So... here is the advice I need. How can I hook up the headlights to the ignition or accessory switch so that the headlights will always be OFF when turn off the ignition and pull out the key? Do I need to buy an automotive relay and poke around to find the correct wires? Or is there an easier way?

And a second question at the end here: I was paranoid that the truck electronics draws too much power when the truck is off. I measured the current draw from the battery while the truck is off at about 60mA. Is this about right, or does it seem too high?



Tom Greenleaf
Ultimate Carjunky / Moderator
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May 18, 2020, 1:04 AM

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Re: Modify Headlight On/Off Behavior 2013 Izuzu NPR Sign In

I have some partial hands on dealings with dual battery set ups as this is and can be it's own issue if batteries do NOT match equally can fight with each other and kill each other without anything else really wrong?

It's costly but IMO a necessary evil to toss both for matching new charged before installation all connections clean and ready. If one in the usual set up goes dead/flat (choose your term for it) they both do but don't like it and do not always suffer the same damage or little to none.

Typical "flooded lead-acid" batteries are aging from the moment they are filled is before you acquire them should match and never be allowed to go way too low or worse dead or an endless assortment of strange behaviors can result need some baseline of something stable or this fight is eternal.

It's costly to do dual or more batteries get used to it or don't play in those waters.

Think of flooded lead-acid as about like the food, lettuce is peeling off a layer never to be the original whole thing twice still have a life expectancy going to perish don't speed it up.

That analogy is just mine. Freeze/frost lettuce is like to a battery it's over for it or took out part or most of it's useful core to you is not like other batteries all over everywhere you constantly recharge from low/dead come back they don't like it or kills them newer or older.

The other is your parasitic drain is measured but don't check right away as vehicles are NOT 100% off right away when shut down they use some for a while check 10 minutes later or more to see the real drain if excessive it's not conclusive yet to me if you understood that??



May 18, 2020, 11:42 AM

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Re: Modify Headlight On/Off Behavior 2013 Izuzu NPR Sign In

If the headlights were left on, they should be on when you attach the jumper cables. I would try to confirm whether they are being left on and are draining the batteries before attempting to modify the wiring. Changing the wiring on the headlights can be dangerous, and you won't likely get advice on tampering with headlight operation on this forum. If the headlights are not draining the batteries, then it will be a matter of parasitic drain or bad batteries.

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