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1994 Silverado 1500 rear suspension

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Aug 7, 2011, 8:22 AM

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1994 Silverado 1500 rear suspension Sign In

I am going to get a lightweight camper for my '94 Silverado 1500, total weight loaded will be maybe 900-1000 pounds in the bed. My best understanding is that the load limit is around 1500 lbs.
Is there a way to beef up the suspension to better accommodate the load, such as adding a leaf spring, or something else? I've loaded it with close to that amount when I moved my daughter, and it was ok, but noticed it on grades, etc.

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Aug 7, 2011, 7:06 PM

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Re: 1994 Silverado 1500 rear suspension Sign In

There are a few options you can use install a add a leaf or install airbags.

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Aug 10, 2011, 5:38 AM

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Re: 1994 Silverado 1500 rear suspension Sign In

Both of Z's suggestions would work well. The add-a-leaf goes into your spring pack and will increase the load capacity full time, but can ride a bit stiffer when empty. The airbags are something I had on my last truck and loved them. They are a smaller version of what semitrucks use for their suspension. They bolt between the axle and the frame and support extra load when aired up. I ran the lines to schraeder valves that came out of the bumper by the license plate. The same air chuck that inflates tires will put air in and allow you to check pressure with a gauge as well. There are fancier systems that have an onboard compressor and a gauge in the cab, but obviously they come with added cost. When you aren't loaded down you can deflate the bags and the truck will ride like stock. When you load it, just add air to get back to normal ride height. It really makes a difference in how stable the truck feels and stops when you have it and you will get that from either system.

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