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Car Maintenance

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Top 21 Car Care Tips

Top 21 car care tips to keep your car running at it's best. is the place to find this interesting article from Quixx- USA.

(NC)—Owning a car is a big investment. It requires regular maintenance to keep its value and to ensure your safety. To make sure you have a winning hand when it comes to caring for your vehicle, here are 21 of the best – and easiest – tips:

1. Examine your paint for new scratches frequently.

2. Repair scratches as soon as possible. Taking care of them quickly prevents rust and prevents more costly removal later. To remove light scratches, look for quality, do-it-yourself products when you shop, like those from in the Quixx auto care line. Most popular is their High Performance Paint Scratch Remover. Deep scratches may require professional sanding.

3. Never use dish soap to wash your car. It will aggravate existing scratches or cause new ones.

4. Rinse your car before washing to remove grit particles, which could scratch paintwork as you wash.

5. Use two buckets – one for soap, one for clean water for rinsing – when washing your vehicle.

6. Use a water blade not a towel, to remove most of the water, followed by a synthetic chamois to remove the excess.

7. Wax your car twice a year to protect its paint and help maintain its value. Polish the car in between waxes to clean, protect and maintain shine.

8. Check for UV damage on your headlights. If yellowed or cloudy, a product like Quixx Headlight Restoration Kit can completely restore them to gain up to 4 seconds of reaction time.

9. Remove bird droppings as soon as possible. Soak a cloth in hot water and put it over the area for 5 minutes, then wipe away with a microfiber cloth.

10. Lighten your load. If you have more than a dozen keys and other knick-knacks hanging from your keychain, it's time to lighten up. The weight can wear down the tumblers in your ignition and eventually lead to ignition switch failure.

11. “E” does not mean “Enough.” Don't let your car's gas tank get to empty. Not only is it dangerous to drive with low fuel levels, it is also damaging to your car. Sediment from gasoline settles at the bottom of every gas tank. When your gas level is low, you force your car to use the dirtiest gas in its tank for fuel and risk this dirt getting into your car's fuel line and engine.

12. Park indoors or in the shade as much as possible to protect your car's paint from damaging UV rays, bird droppings, falling branches and other environmental elements.

13..Replace wiper blades every 6 to 12 months, as they become cracked, brittle and worn due to ozone, contaminants, exposure to sunlight and temperature changes. This action could save your windshield, and your life.

14. Get more mileage out of your tires. Use the PSI (pounds per square inch) recommendation on the door jam of your car, instead of the one on your tires to keep them properly inflated.

15. Check the battery. Once per year, a car care professional should make sure it is working properly and holding its charge.

16. Check tire tread for wear.

17. Never, ever text and drive.

18. Vacuum the car's interior regularly, especially in areas where road salt is used. Salt can go through carpets and rust the car from the inside out.

19. Wipe away spills immediately, Soft drinks in particular can be corrosive.

20. Keep up with oil changes. The frequency depends on the make and model of your car, so check with your manufacturer.

21. Always wear a seatbelt.

Products are found in stores like Canadian Tire and PartSource, or more information on this topic is available online at

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Car Maintenance
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