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Driving Economically >> Gas Mileage

Gas Saving Tips

With it costing a fortune to fill up our cars at the gas pump many people are looking for ways to save on gasoline use whenever possible. People use various methods to save and conserve gas.

These tips can be broadly classified into categories that include some general tips, some related to engine maintenance and how to drive economically while some are related to the kind of gasoline we should buy. Listed below are some gas saving tips that you should use to conserve gas and save money.

1. The most important gas saving tip is to avoid warming up your car engine for too long, even when it is cold outside. Your owner's manual will tell you how long you should warm up your car. This action results in gas being wasted.

2. You should try to allow some time between stopping and restarting a car. When you are about to stop the vehicle you should not rev it unnecessarily, this just wastes gas.

3. When you are starting the vehicle you should slowly accelerate and not try to reach the peak speed. This ensures proper fuel consumption and makes the carburetor function at its best.

4. Drive at the speed limit. You don't get better gas mileage if you speed. Drive the limit, and drive at a consistent speed. You should take care to follow all the posted speed limits so that you do not have to speed up or slow down suddenly. When traveling on highways, it is a good idea to keep your windows closed. This will lessen what is known as the drag effect caused by the air outside. Always pay attention while driving, making sure you are aware of where you are and what is around you.

5. Make sure you fill up your gas tank with the proper octane rated fuel. Some people think that the more octane the better the car will run. This is a myth. Your car manufacturer recommends a certain level octane fuel for your car to run at its optimum levels. Check your owners manual and find out what rating you should use. It could save you a pretty penny at the gas pumps.

6. Buy your gasoline in the early morning or in the evening. Gasoline is denser when it is cooler, so you will get more for your dollar buying it at these times.

7. Car maintenance is very important when it comes to conserving gas. Check the type of motor oil you should be using and get the car tuned up if its time. If you maintain your engine you will use gas efficiently, so doing these routine maintenance functions will ensure that your engine not only performs well but goes a long way in conserving your fuel usage.

8. Tire pressure is another factor is your cars ability to use gasoline efficiently. Did you know you can use 4% more gas if your tires are under inflated? You can, so next time you drive by the pumps, pull in and check to make sure the tires are at the correct pressure levels. Once again, you can check your car's owner's manual to find what pressure they should be.

9. Get the extra weight out of your car. Those bags of sand in your trunk are great to have in the winter when you might need them. Now they are just dragging your car down.

10. Choose your route with care. Put some thought into it, and you may find an alternate route will save time and gas.

11. Simple things, like the way you park your car, can save some pennies in your gas use, and those pennies will add up. If you can pull right out of your spot, instead of having to go forwards and backwards several times it will conserve a little gas.

12. Some people may argue this next point, but, in my experience running the air conditioner, or heater for that matter, puts extra strain on the engine and decreases fuel efficiency. If you can avoid using the A/C or heat do so.

Last but not least the best possible way to conserve gasoline is to use public transportation or car pool. The more the merrier is a fitting adage here. You can take turns with other families and business associates to get the kids off to school, and you off to work.

Using one of these tips will not save you a fortune, but if you combine them and use them, they will save you money at the gas pump.

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