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Automotive Articles >> Technology

How to Improve Your Vehicle’s Performance by Pushing a Button

(ARA) - Have you ever wished that your car, truck or SUV had more horsepower? Every driver appreciates more power for climbing hills, accelerating onto highways and passing slow-moving traffic. How about better fuel economy? The rising price of gasoline has made motorists conscious of the cost of a fill-up.

Now it's possible to improve performance and stretch fuel mileage as easily as changing TV channels with a remote control. Almost every vehicle on the road today uses an onboard computer to control the operation of the engine, transmission, and other systems. By reprogramming this electronic “brain” with specially developed software, a car or truck owner can add horsepower and get more miles per gallon.

Just as personal computers, PDAs and iPods have revolutionized the way that people get information and entertainment, reprogramming devices are changing the way motorists upgrade their vehicles' performance. A handheld automotive programmer is the key that unlocks the enormous potential of today’s vehicles by giving drivers the ability to reprogram and personalize the onboard computers that control virtually all aspects of their vehicles’ operation.

The truth is you don’t have to be a rocket scientist or a computer technician to install these programs with a device like the Hypertech Power Programmer. Plug a cable into a connector under the dashboard and the programmer does the rest automatically. It asks a few questions about your vehicle and the changes you would like to make to the onboard computer. You answer by pushing the Y (“Yes”) or N (“No”) buttons. The programmer then downloads its software to the vehicle’s computer in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

Why don’t the factories provide this tuning? Because they tune for the masses and must compromise their tuning. They don’t optimize it for towing, hauling or other conditions where an additional amount of power would be beneficial. That’s what Hypertech has done for two decades as the leader among tuning companies.

The basic idea is a brain transplant; the factory-installed program is uploaded and stored, allowing it to be restored at any time. The programmer then installs new software developed on computerized chassis dynamometers and validated in road tests to improve performance and fuel economy. Depending on the vehicle, this software swap produces gains of up to 113 horsepower over the factory tuning – without even opening the hood. With more power in reserve, many drivers no longer feel the need to keep the throttle on the floor and report an increase in fuel mileage.

Sophisticated devices like the Power Programmer give owners of gasoline-burning trucks and SUVs a choice of tuning programs for regular and premium fuel. With the price of regular gasoline averaging 20 cents per gallon less than premium, that’s a significant savings. Diesel owners get a choice of three different power levels; the maximum power setting can be used safely while towing up to the vehicle’s maximum weight rating.

Programmers also give motorists the ability to customize the computer to suit their specific driving styles and to complement modifications such as larger tires and wheels. The Power Programmer can adjust automatic transmission shift points and shift firmness electronically. Firmer, faster gear changes noticeably improve acceleration, and the quick shifts also extend transmission life. The Power Programmer can correct the speedometer and odometer readings when non-stock tires are installed, and that can prevent you from getting an expensive ticket.

Power Programmers are available from many automotive parts stores, RV dealers, outdoor sports outlets and mail order and online retailers. Detailed information and a dealer locator can be found on the Hypertech Web site,

It's said that life is a journey. With a programmer, the journey can be faster, safer and more economical.
Courtesy of ARA Content

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