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Automotive Articles

Living Larger Inside, Driving Smaller Outside: The 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe

For 2007, the newly redesigned Chevy Tahoe has been repositioned to compete effectively with the Ford Expedition, the Cadillac Escalade, Toyota Highlander, and the Hummer H3. The new Tahoe offers exceptional 9 seat comfort, a more stylish exterior (with drag coefficient of 0.363 less than the Porsche Cayenne’s 0.38), and improved engine technology that averages 17 mpg in city driving. However, the one thing still missing from the smooth riding 2007 Chevy Tahoe is a more fuel efficient hybrid engine. If you can afford the gas, then the new Tahoe with MSRP of $33,290 – $41,510 is well positioned to offer more style, safety, comfort, and substance to take the entire family to the lake and beyond.

Rugged and refined, the new Tahoe gives many SUV counterparts a swift kick in the butt. Although it still rides on the same ladder frame as the 2006 model, the chassis has been considerably improved to give the ride a much smoother feel. Consequently, the new Tahoe rides softer than many luxury cars including the Jaguar X-type, and Mercedes Benz C-class. This is because the front torsion bars have been switched to supple coil springs that communicate more precise road feel. The brakes have also been upgraded with thicker calipers for shorter stopping distance. And, the brash new exterior has a full-bodied appearance for improved aerodynamics. The smaller turning radius of 39 feet also makes maneuvering easier than before, making it feel like you are seated in a much smaller, more agile sports car.

For those who prefer off-road prowess, the 2007 Chevy Tahoe is available in both 4x2 and 4x4 models with authentic off-road abilities. The automatic locking rear differential monitors the rear wheels for any slip. It quickly locks the differential in place at lower speeds, enhancing handling while benefiting on/off road expeditions, and for towing. To say the transmission has been improved is an understatement – it now features the four-speed automatic that harnesses information from an input speed sensor, resulting in more optimized shifts based on driver inputs. As a result, the new Tahoe delivers smoother acceleration, and better handling that greatly reduces the wheezy effect for backseat passengers in similar large sports utility vehicles.

Step inside the 2007 Chevy Tahoe, you’ll find the ergonomically designed interior captivating. The seats are well-upholstered and supportive. Leather is still an option, but for longer trips it’s a valuable proposition that cocoons you from the discomforts of the bumpy road. Additionally, the buttons have a clean look, and the command central steering wheel is well integrated with technology that enhances driving. Once behind the wheel, you’ll soon forget you’re driving a large, non-European SUV. The new Tahoe lives up to the expectations of a well-crafted, roomy, comfortable truck that America could build .

Keeping with the times, both engines are available for the 2007 Tahoe, including the 290 horsepower engine for the base, and the 320 horsepower engine for the 4x2 and 4x4 models. They’re matched to an active fuel management system to maximize fuel efficiency by turning off the cylinders during un-spirited driving. Consequently, the 2007 Tahoe attains estimated fuel efficiency of 15 mpg in city; 21 mpg on the highway – our road test averaged 17 mpg. Additionally, the new Tahoe benefits from a composite intake manifold allowing a smoother delivery of torque at low to mid-range engine speeds, ideal for towing (up to 7,700 lbs) yet still delivering plenty of power for peak performance.

Next to carrying capacity, 360 degrees of safety is the second most pertinent reason why people consider purchasing a SUV. In this respect, the new Tahoe offers a host of savvy safety features including side air bags, side air curtains, and StabiliTrak are now standard fares. The high strength safety cage is further improved from its predecessor with better structure rigidity. The four-wheel antilock disc brakes also have numerous enhancements including larger rotors, and an active brake booster system for enhanced pedal feel (but needs servicing every 40,000 miles). Additionally, a new rear view camera system is available as an option, allowing the driver to use the navigation screen to see obstacles that may be located behind the vehicle. Placed behind the license plate, the camera is useful as a parking assist. The redesigned, safety conscious 2007 Chevy Tahoe, is as serious about your well-being as you are.

If you have two kids, a dog, two cats and in-laws you want to take to the summer cottage for the 4th of July weekend, the 2007 Chevy Tahoe is perfectly suited to satisfy your needs. The upscale Chevy Tahoe has won over a number of car buyers since its introduction in 1995. The re-designed 2007Chevy Tahoe maintains its iconic position as a replacement to the family sedan. Featuring a crisp new look, greater carrying capacity, full luxurious cabin, a torque-rich engine, and the ability to transport nine people in high style – the new Tahoe retains its status as the anti-minivan, king of the SUV’s for the modern world.

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