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What are Technical Service Bulletins?

TSB's are Technical Service Bulletins issued by a manufacturer to its dealers that cover topics from corrections for a typo in a service manual to detailed procedures for dealing with a specific mechanical problem.
Where can you find them?

You will find that the best place to look up the Technical Service Bulletins would be the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Web site. It has a search authorization form, on which you enter the information about your car. Upon submission the site will return detailed information related to any outstanding TSB’s.

There are other options available for gathering this information. For instance, you can visit online websites, such as CarJunky, offering this information. Also many of the manufacturer websites include a maintenance guide sections that offers its surfers a form on which to type in the year, make and model and gather information. As a bonus, some also offer a direct link to the NHTSA.

With all the competition and emphasis on customer service, manufacturers are now offering similar services on their website without a login required, or any cost. For example, you have the Hyundai site which focuses on shop manuals with troubleshooting guides and diagnostic procedures. On the homepage, users can select "Service Information" and then click, "Web Tech," which would lead the visitor to the database for consumers. The company also offers a service for dealership service technicians called "Web Tech Pro." However, this service does require a login name and password.

Hyundai has targeted this Web site toward all of its owners, whether they visit the service department, use an independent mechanic or do the work themselves. In this age of information similar services are widely available among manufacturers. If you have a computer and access to the Internet, chances are all the information about your car and any concerns is available right at the tip of your fingers.

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