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HOG - Harley Owners Group

When you own a Harley Davidson motorcycle, you become a member of an elite group of people that is known as HOG (Harley Owners Group).

There are currently more than 1 million HOG members throughout the world who have united together to display their passion for Harley Davidson motorcycles.

HOG members attend activities that are available through their local HOG chapter.

These activities fall into 3 categories:

1. There are closed events that are conducted primarily for the benefit of HOG chapter members. Some of these closed events do allow members to bring 1 guest with them to the event.

2. There are events that are only open to HOG members.

3. There are open events that are available to HOG members and other guests.

There are 3 types of HOG membership that you can choose from as well.

These include:

1. Full membership entitles members to all of the benefits and services of the HOG organization.

2. Associate membership is designed for full HOG members' passengers and other family members. This full HOG member acts as this person's sponsor, without them the associate member cannot participate in any of the HOG events.

3. Life membership is available as either a full life membership or an associate life membership. There are special benefits and recognitions that go along with this type of membership.

As a member of HOG, a person receives many benefits outside of just the camaraderie of fellow Harley enthusiasts.

The other benefits that HOG members receive include:

1. You will get a subscription to Enthusiast magazine, which is the oldest continually published motorcycle magazine in the world.

2. You will also get a subscription to Hog Tales, which is the official publication of the Harley Owners Group. It will keep you up-to-date on HOG happenings throughout the world.

3. You will receive a HOG Fly and Ride membership, which will allow you to fly to locations throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia, pick up a Harley Davidson motorcycle from a local dealership and tour in style without any hassle or delay.

4. You will receive a HOG membership manual that will help you to get the most out of your HOG membership.

5. You will receive access to the HOG "Members Only" web site.

6. You will receive a copy of the official HOG Touring Handbook, which is a guide that is filled with maps, dealer locations, riding laws and a lot more.

Women who own a Harley Davidson motorcycle are welcome to the Ladies of Harley (LOH) membership. This is a group of female Harley Davidson enthusiasts who promote activities and adventures from within a local HOG chapter. They have their own meetings and sponsor their own activities that both women and men can participate in.

Some examples of HOG events include national and international rallies, state rallies, touring rallies, open houses, pit stops and pin stops (these are events where members can pick up HOG pins and other such memorabilia). There are also some fun, “good deed” events that you may enjoy, such as dinner rides, parades, observation runs, toy runs to provide toys for sick or needy children, charity events, safe rider programs and a lot more.

You will find that every HOG chapter reflects the passions and personalities of its members. Regardless of where in the world you go, HOG members will always feel at home whenever they attend HOG meetings and events. Even with such unique events being offered, each chapter still focuses on simply having fun and sharing their passion for HOG and the Harley Davidson lifestyle.

As you can see, becoming a HOG member will open up the doors to life with a Harley and present you with many opportunities to make good friends and be part of an exceptional group of people who not only love to have fun, but who are also kind and caring as well.

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