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How Car Stuff Works

What is a Supercar?

For high-end sport scar enthusiasts, the “Holy Grail” is the “supercar.” A supercar is an ultra high-end sport scar with features, power and handling far exceeding the average production model.

Supercars can be difficult to find, and even more difficult to afford for the average citizen.

Many of these cutting edge vehicles have to be special ordered from the factory, so their rareness and “oooh” factor is always high.

But there are lots of high-end sport scars out there; how is the supercar different?

Supercars are set apart from run-of-the-mill high-end sport scars by three defining features:

1. An exotic appearance

2. Extreme, white-knuckled speed

3. World-class cornering and handling

The overwhelming majority of supercars are imports, with Italian models being the most prominent.

Manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Masserati, and Ferrari have all been tagged with the supercar label, due to their rareness, hand-crafted engineering, world-class performance (as well as over-the-top price tags).

Like all of these models, Supercars are generally factory built, not owner-modified vehicles, and their price tags can reach up to (and well beyond) a million dollars.

As to performance and handling, the majority of supercars use rear-wheel drive, and rear engine placement. This back-weighted design provides optimal weight distribution and enables high-precision traction and handling that would otherwise be impossible with a conventional front-mounted engine.

Handling at high-speeds is a “benchmark” for the supercar class of sports car. It’s not enough to “go really fast”—a supercar has to “go really fast” with absolute precision and control in its handling.

Despite the light-weight-chassis, supercars are capable of extreme cornering with smooth handling and unparalleled control. The Ferrari Enzo, for example, is known to perform quarter-mile stops in approximately 11 seconds, starting from a speed of 133 mph. Don't try that at home!

Other general features such as fuel economy, or in some cases even safety, tend to take a back-seat with these cars, as they are designed specifically for maximum acceleration and control. Supercars are definitely not designed to be practical.

Besides their awe-inspiring performance, most supercars also utilize cutting edge design. The more progressive and modern the better! Unusual features are standard among this class of cars. Rear and top-opening doors or high-end on board electronics are just two examples.

To be classified as a Supercar, a certain rarity is helpful, but not absolutely necessary. Limited production models of certain sports car can sometimes be classified as supercars.

The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 for example, is considered a supercar by many some of its acceleration, handling and speed to weight ratio.

Price-wise, you can expect to pay at least a few hundred thousand to own a supercar, with top prices reaching near 2 million (The Ferrari FXX sells for $1.8 Million).

Because of their high price, it is more common these days to lease a supercar, though you must keep in mind, that the cost of insuring a supercar can be extreme.

But if you can afford it, you'll have the benefit of driving one of the world’s finest automobiles. The question is how much is that really worth to you?

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How Car Stuff Works
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