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Alternative Fuel Vehicles >> BioFuels

Concept Climax

Three students of design at Coventry University were inspired to design a car.

The inspiration? The one and only legendary Cooper Climax F1 of the fifties. The Concept Climax is really a modern version of this British style sports car which was designed with motoring enthusiasm in mind.

It has a lightweight body shell so it is built for speed. The Concept Climax has no doors, imagine, jumping into your new sports car.

Best of all it is powered by ethanol. This 2-seater has a lot of space and is a great weekend getaway car. It can reach up to 160 mph and will cost somewhere around $65,000.

It is also in the tradition of new cars rolling out where modern technology and classic looks combine to give you a winner. The Concept Climax has no doors, imagine, jumping into your new sports car.

It may have been inspired by the classic and the traditional but it runs on tomorrow’s technology. The Climax drivers have the ability to program the car through their lap top.

They can make necessary adjustments to the car’s ECU by using the Climax Control which enables the car to be used as a day racer on a track or as a regular car on the road. All in all, it adds up to the ultimate driving experience.

The light body weight of the Climax along with the rigid chassis and the minimal weight ensures that it has the ultimate balance and stance.

Right now, the Climax is actually drawing in on Britain’s vast style of motorsport heritage while at the same time, it is poised to be the driving standard of the future. When you drive, you sit inches away from the road and that can be a great rush of excitement.

It’s got this great open feel about it and the wind in your hair can take you back in time to the car rides in those old movies.

The car itself has aero screens and aerodynamics that are adjustable and impact structures on the front and the side, to make sure of the safety factor.

The paint finishes can be customized and flip up mirrors, the rear diffuser as well as the retractable roll bar make for a snazzy look. The tonnaeu covers are rigid too.

Inside, the racing seat is a composite one –piece frame with a seat lining that is inflatable. The interior components are heated and there is an adjustable passenger foot brace. The car can boast of a lot of storage space.

Whether it’s the racing track or country roads, this is a car that should be great to drive. While the roll-out date is not too certain, we are sure that the concept should be out pretty soon.

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