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Ethanol Fuels New Opportunity For American Farmers

(NAPSI)-As the United States seeks ways to become less depen-dent on foreign oil, American farmers are helping provide part of the solution. They are growing high-fermentable corn hybrids used in the production of ethanol.

In 2005, the ethanol industry processed a record 13 percent of the domestic corn crop, according to the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA). It is projected by ProExporter Network that ethanol production could account for 45 percent of U.S. corn production by the year 2015.

One way for farmers to participate in this new market opportunity is by growing Monsanto's Processor Preferred® High Fermentable Corn hybrids. Available in over 90 independent seed brands, Processor Preferred hybrids were developed to meet both grower and processor needs by offering strong yield potential and the ability to deliver 2 to 4 percent more ethanol per bushel than conventional corn.

"As a company focused solely on agriculture, Monsanto is committed to help create new market opportunities that help make farmers successful," said Phoong Tang, Processor Preferred U.S. Business Manager for Monsanto. "Processor Preferred hybrids enable farmers to realize additional profit potential by participating in the fastest-growing market for corn-ethanol production."

The Renewable Fuels Association cites U.S. Department of Agriculture figures showing that ethanol production adds 25 to 50 cents to the value of a bushel of corn, or as much as $5.5 billion over the entire corn crop. Ethanol production is the third-largest use of U.S. corn, utilizing a record 1.43 billion bushels of corn in 2005.

"The U.S. ethanol industry has responded to the challenges of the President, the American public and the marketplace to increase the supply and availability of this cleaner-burning fuel," said RFA President Bob Dinneen.

The RFA says other ethanol benefits include:

• Ethanol use is cost effective for consumers, reducing gasoline prices by expanding fuel supplies and reducing fuel imports.

• Ethanol provides a tremendous economic boost to the U.S. economy. The production and use of ethanol creates American jobs, reduces the U.S. trade deficit and increases state and federal tax coffers.

• Renewable ethanol helps to reduce harmful tailpipe emissions and greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. Using ethanol can help to improve air quality.

• Ethanol is a high-octane fuel that provides superior engine performance. With a 113 octane rating, ethanol is the highest-performance fuel on the market and keeps today's high-compression engines running smoothly.

For more information on Processor Preferred High Fermentable Corn hybrids, visit

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Ethanol Fuels New Opportunity For American Farmers

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