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Broken Promises: When Warranty Protection Goes Awry

It can be very disappointing and stressful to learn that your warranty will not provide the coverage that you expect. Before you pull out the big guns be sure you fully understand the terms of your warranty, more accurately described as a service contact. If a thorough reading reveals that you have a right to services the provider has refused to provide you may have some recourse. Consider one or more of the following suggestions.

1. Be firm, but polite when stating your case. As you’ve no doubt heard kindness goes a long way, considerably farther than rudeness; or as the adage goes you will catch more flies with honey than you will with vinegar. Do not resort to rudeness or belittling when talking with the customer service representative, that will get you nowhere, fast.

2. Understand the chain of command. If you are unable to arrive at some level of satisfaction with the first customer service representative ask for a supervisor or manager. Be sure to keep a call log, which includes names and dates for all calls on the matter.

3. Direct calls and requests appropriately. Understand which responsibilities fall to the retailer and which fall to the manufacturer.

4. If calls get you nowhere, try a letter. It can be infinitely more difficult to ignore a clearly written letter delivered via certified mail with a return receipt. Make the process more efficient by delivering your letter to the right person at the right address. Be sure to include copies of any supportive documentation, a clear and reasonable request, and all relevant contact information. Don’t forget to keep a copy. Print a hard copy to hold onto in case you have computer trouble down the road.

5. Don’t overlook the media. Check first with the Better Business Bureau, if you are dealing with a warranty provider that has received a number of complaints your local newspaper or television station may be open to doing an investigative story.

6. Consult your warranty for written dispute resolution plans. These are often buried in the fine print and you are required to complete these steps before escalating your action plan.

7. Try contacting your local consumer protection agency, attorney general or insurance commissioner. If you are not sure where to look for contact information start in the blue pages of your telephone directory or the web page for your local government.

8. Consider small claims court. This is of course a solution that no one wants to turn to. If all else has failed you may want to consider enlisting legal support through small claims court or via a lawsuit.

When your warranty does not provide the coverage to which you are entitled don’t throw in the towel; if it’s in writing you do have some recourse. Get the benefits you have coming with patience, perseverance and planning.

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