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Car Buying Tips >> Car Warranty

Seven Ways to Save Your Sanity if You Have an Extended Warranty

Well chosen extended service warranties can afford you peace of mind. Don’t undermine this tranquility with disorganized or poor record keeping or failure to ask the right questions. Following is a short primer to help you keep the details together.

1. Resolve to keep impeccable records.
Many extended warranties carry service requirements. Don’t invalidate yours with poor or lacking records. If you don’t already have a central location for your important papers take a few moments and create one now. It need not be fancy; your system could be as simple as a large envelope stored in a drawer, an accordion file or a filing cabinet. What’s most important is that you maintain whatever system you choose consistently. Few things are more frustrating than losing important papers.

2. Make copies immediately.
Have you ever tried to read an old credit card receipt? If it was on thermal paper chances are the print was faded. Avoid this dilemma by making copies of all documents that are prone to fade. You can attach the original to the front with a staple or paper clip.

3. Don’t rely on your computer for record keeping
If you purchase your extended warranty online be sure to print hard copies of the entire contract. Be sure to access the printer friendly screen so that no words are cut off. Murphy’s Law is often at work and chances are your computer will be down at the very moment you need to put your hands on the warranty.

4. Get everything in writing
Verbal agreements and arrangements are ultimately meaningless. Whether your agent doesn’t remember or leaves without a trace for another firm should have no bearing on your coverage. You must have a written document to stand on firm ground in the world of warranties.

5. Read the entire warranty
It may be time consuming, but it is absolutely critical that you read the entire contract from the first to the very last words. If you don’t it in writing it is not covered. Don’t make assumptions with warranties. What you see, in writing, is what you get.

6. Understand the entire warranty
The world of extended warranties can be quite confusing. It is absolutely okay to ask questions. After all, the agents do this everyday and understand the language and nuances of the contract; you, on the other had, do not. Save yourself headaches down the road by learning up front what your warranty does and does not cover, as well as how much it will cost you.

7. Keep contact information accessible
It is a good idea to include telephone numbers and other contact information readily available. In the event that you have a claim you can smooth the process by being organized ahead of time.

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