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Automotive Articles >> Car Rentals

Why Rent a Car?

Renting a car is not just for business purposes anymore. More and more often individuals and families are renting cars for a number of reasons ranging from car repairs, vacations or special occasions.

Car Repairs – A few things to know if you rent a car

It has happened to most of us at least once. Your car has been in an accident or is need of repairs but you still need to get to work and manage other daily activities. Depending on where you live, public transportation may not be a viable fall-back option but a car rental just may be.

Renting a car while your own is being repaired is a convenient option for most; however, it can be costly when coupled with repair bills. Some may avoid this additional expense by paying a few dollars extra on insurance premiums that include reimbursement of rental expenses. Talk with your insurance agent before you rent to be sure you incur only allowable expenses. If you are especially pressed for cash, try to get an idea too of how long before you can expect your reimbursement check. Also, be mindful that if you do not have a credit card renting a car may not be a good option as it will tie up the cash you need to have your car repaired. Rental agents can accept a debit card in lieu of a credit card only if you have at least two hundred dollars (this amount varies) on account that can be held until the car is safely returned. Because the funds are held against any damage they will not be available for withdrawal and thus of no use to you in satisfying your repair bill.


Planning a trip with the family or a group of friends? Consider a mini-van to give you the room you need so that you will still be on friendly terms when you arrive. Renting a car is also a good idea if you want to save wear and tear on your car, if you have an SUV and want to rent a car with better gas mileage to save a few bucks on a trip (for no more than two); or if you have always imagined your self in a convertible but can’t get one at the moment. Renting a car for vacation allows us to step out of our everyday space and slip into the exciting and unfamiliar territory so synonymous with vacation. Change your scenery, your schedule and your ride for a few days.

If you rent for vacation look early and wide to get the best deals. Also, be mindful that rental agencies expect normal wear and tear; however, you will place your deposit in jeopardy if you spill grape juice and ketchup on the seats. It is okay to have a good time, but be careful so that the deal you got on the rental is not squandered in penalties.

Special Occasions

We all know that rentals are popular with the prom set. Adults can also get in on this trend to give a special evening or event a special touch. If you are planning an anniversary or birthday celebration a car rental may be just the touch you need to kick it up a notch. So often, adults find themselves trapped in a maze of regularity. Sometimes an act as simple as renting a different car for the evening can be enough to shake the routine induced lethargy that plagues us all from time to time.

There is no end to the reasons for renting a car, but without a doubt there is an end to funds available for the rental bill. No matter your reason for renting, rent smart. You can save a few dollars by renting via Internet sites, looking for discount coupons, renting through a group such as AAA, or renting weekends and during off-peak seasons.

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