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Fuel Injection Versus Carburetors

Since the dawn of the age of fuel injection, car enthusiasts have been debating which fuel system is better; fuel injection or carburetors.

Both systems are adept at doing their job of providing fuel to the engine. Both are effective methods. Which one is actually better?

Is there a difference in gas mileage with the use of one or the other? In terms of which fuel system is better, that depends on what you want it to do.

In the current state of automotive design, fuel injection systems have been used in most passenger vehicles since the early 1980s.

Advances made with this system have dramatically improved since their invention. In modern vehicles, fuel injection supplies the engine with its needed fuel in a constant feed accurately and with a great deal of precision. Using this design ensures greater fuel efficiency because there is little waste in terms of unnecessary fuel consumption.

Other advantages of the fuel injection system are that it provides a quick response time in terms of rapid adjustments, like throttle changes and ensures an equal injection of fuel into each of the engine’s cylinders. The result is easier start ups, smoother function, and an increase in fuel efficiency.

The most complained about difference in fuel injection as opposed to the use of a carburetor is a slight loss of power. Once again, that disadvantage is only a problem if extreme power is what you want. However, most people don’t have a need for large amounts of speed in the family sedan.

For the die hard traditionalists, carburetors aren’t without their advantages. In road test, an engine supplied by a carburetor does have more power and precision. And if you are a little sentimental, carburetors were the first fuel system designed.

Unfortunately, a lot can be lost in terms of this fuel system. Carburetors are heavier than fuel injection systems. Heavier equals more fuel to move it. With the current state of gas prices, heavier may not be the way you want to go. Proper maintenance can be more difficult with this system too.

It almost requires the assistance of a genius to properly place a carburetor in an engine. It has to be spaced exactly right in relation to all cylinders of the engine to run properly. Carburetors also expel more emissions into the air than fuel injection systems.

Since the majority of cars and trucks now come standard with a fuel injection system, it can be difficult to find the parts needed to repair a carburetor. Also, for this supply and demand reason, carburetors are more expensive in general.

Sad as it may be, fuel injection systems seem to win out over carburetors in almost every category. In terms of fuel efficiency, emissions, and just plain old availability, fuel injection has been chosen by the auto manufacturers as the way to go in most of their newer models. Considering the high gas prices drivers are currently faced with, that development is probably a good thing.

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Car News
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