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Car News

The 2008 Koenigsegg CCX

Finally being opened up to the United States' automobile market because it has complied with rules and automobile regulations, the Swedish Koenigsegg CCX (the CCX stands for Competition Coupe X) will be introduced to the United States in 2008.

This is a truly amazing feat for Koenigsegg as they had to make a lot of improvements and adjustments to the super car that has been so popular everywhere else. Speed enthusiasts will certainly want to get their hands on the car that delivers over 805-horsepower to the hands of the driver.

There are also many changes that Koenigsegg made to the current model of the CCX which will also benefit car enthusiasts. Everyone even remotely interested in the super car genre of vehicles is getting excited about the 2008 U.S. release date of the Koenigsegg CCX.

A few of the changes that Koenigsegg has made to the car can be seen in the length of the car and in the interior elements of the CCX also. For example, Koenigsegg was forced to lengthen the car over 80 millimeters in order to comply with safety regulations in the United States. Also, the new CCX does pass the rear impact test for the United States' regulations. This is also the reason why Koenigsegg decided to redesign the front bumper.

But these two outward changes of the CCX certainly don't hamper the speed of the automobile at all, not with the Koenigsegg V 8 cast aluminum engine it has under its hood. This is one car that will give street racers a definite advantage over any other car in the United States' automobile market.

The Koenigsegg CCX will be able to reach a speed of sixty miles per hour in only a little over 3.0 seconds. If that's not fast enough for you then you must drive a formula one. A quarter mile in the Koenigsegg will feel as short and as fast as the blink of an eye.

Another great feature about the CCX is the additional 50 millimeters in headroom making it roomy enough for tall adults. Furthermore, the driver of the CCX has added comforts when driving this super car.

A couple things that Koenigsegg has improved are related to the seat. The newly designed seat offers not only extra padding for the comfort of the driver, but they're composed of carbon fiber with a fully functional backrest that tilts.

Other great benefits of the car include the wheels and the electronic devices on the inside. The wheels are extremely lightweight, which make the car better on the road and more aerodynamic. As far as the electronics inside the car, Koenigsegg offers a fully electronic and intelligent dash that makes safety an important and crucial point for whoever's driving the car.

Standard equipment on the CCX leaves almost nothing to be desired: Leather upholstery, Driver side airbag, ABS, Power steering, Power brakes, Hydraulic ride height system, Climate control, an Alarm with Immobilizer, Engine X-Brace, Traction Control, Electrical windows, Central locking, Electrical rear view mirrors and a Detachable hardtop.

Even with all the standard equipment there are ways to customize your CCX with 10 color choices including Storm Black and Voodoo Red. Some of the other options include carbon/ceramic disc brakes,carbon fiber rims,carbon rear wing and clear coated carbon fitters,side skirts and lamps.

Altogether, the Koenigsegg offers many of the same features that they have offered in automobile markets throughout the world, but now they are able to market the CCX to the United States. Since they have complied with safety and crash regulations as well as California regulations, U.S. drivers will now have a car to be truly excited about!

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