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Alternative Fuel Vehicles >> Fuel Cells

Honda FCX Clarity Fuel-Cell Vehicle

Honda motors unveiled the Honda FCX Clarity Fuel-Cell Vehicle at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November, 2007. In announcing the new Honda FCX Clarity, Honda also stated that the new vehicle will be available in limited quantities for a three-year lease starting in the summer of 2008, but will only be available to people who live in Southern California for refueling reasons. Collision insurance and maintenance will all be covered by the three-year $600/month lease.

The Honda FCX Clarity Fuel-Cell Vehicle is a next generation, zero emissions, hydrogen powered fuel cell motor vehicle that is constructed on an entirely new Honda V Flow fuel cell platform. The fuel cell in the Honda FCX Clarity Fuel-Cell Vehicle is powered by what is considered to be a highly compact and very efficient fuel cell stack. The fuel cell itself also is remarkably powerful.

This new generation Honda Fuel-Cell Vehicle brings along many improvements over prior generations designed and built by Honda. For example, the FCX Clarity has an increased driving range, enhanced power, lighter weight. This is a highly efficient vehicle.

A good deal of effort has also been put into improving the design as far as the FCX Clarity is concerned. Indeed, many people describe the Honda FCX Clarity Fuel-Cell Vehicle as having a sophisticated appearance and design. In the end, many industry experts believe that the FCX Clarity will advance the popularity of the hydrogen fuel cell powered car very significantly.

With the Honda FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle set to enter onto the marketplace in limited quantities during the summer of 2008, many people have begun asking for more information about how the FCX Clarity actually works.

Technically speaking, and according to the manufacturer, the Honda FCX Clarity Fuel-Cell Vehicle utilized what is known as a flow stack that is operated in combination or conjunction with a compact and highly efficient lithium ion battery pack. (The batter pack itself is also newly designed.) A single hydrogen storage tank powers the vehicle's electric drive motor.

Hydrogen combines with atmospheric oxygen in the fuel cell stack where the energy from the chemical reaction converts to electric energy to power the vehicle. The only emission from the Honda FCX Clarity Fuel-Cell Vehicle is water – pure, unadulterated water.

In considering the only emission from the FCX Clarity, this vehicle has the potential of making a very significant impact on emissions that are harmful to the environment. In simple terms, the Honda FCX Clarity Fuel-Cell Vehicle is a prime type of weapon in the fight against global warming and similar environmental problems.

Other advances in the new FCX Clarity includes a 20% increase in fuel economy and a 30% increase in vehicle range. The vehicle can travel upwards of 270 miles as far as its range is concerned. Finally, the new lithium battery is significantly lighter and smaller, adding to the overall efficiency of the vehicle itself.

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