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Alternative Fuel Vehicles >> Fuel Cells

Morgan Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Prototype

There have been many different makers of British specialist sports cars that have just fallen by the wayside - however, Morgan has continued to keep on going and is looking towards the future in order to create a plan to become one of the first car makers to actually commercialize a car that is operated on hydrogen fuel cells.

Many have and are into looking at hydrogen as the alternative fuel but it has yet to be a commercially viable one. Morgan hopes to be in the forefront of this revolution with its hydrogen-based car.

The company as a whole has been famous for the traditional production methods they have. One of their best ideas was the “Life Car” which is a hydrogen fueled car that has zero emissions but it is still built by using the Morgan’s body that is wooden framed.

The Morgan Hydrogen Fuel Prototype is intended to demonstrate that a vehicle that has zero emission can still be fun to drive.

The Life car will be very lightweight and it will have a fuel cell hybrid power train. The power train and low weight will mean the Life car will get a 200 mile range. Suddenly, hybrid cars are coming out of the ‘small, cute, in-city cars’ to competing in every which way with regular, conventional cars.

The Morgan Hydrogen Fuel Prototype is referred to as the Life Car which stands for Lightweight Fuel Efficient Car. It is a green car that will be able to deliver when it comes to performance as well as looks and emission reduction.

The Life Car will also be ultra quiet and all that will spew forth from the exhaust system will be water vapor, a byproduct in hydrogen cell technology cars.

With everyone working together and a strategy in mind, the 2008 Geneva Show will be a great place to reveal the Morgan Hydrogen Fuel Prototype so that the world can see what the advances in technology are bringing to the table.

If the world accepts this new age technology, it really will be the dawn of the hydrogen age where energy is concerned.

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