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Garage Know How

Find Your Garage Floor

(NewsUSA) - Has it been a while since you've seen your garage floor? If you want to start using your garage for its intended purpose - parking your car- it's time to get organized.

On home improvement shows, families get their homes and garages in order with the help of a consultant. But how can everyday homeowners get it done? Racor Inc., a Sandpoint, Idaho-based company specializing in garage-organizing solutions, offers the following tips:

* Commit to clearing out the clutter. Outline a plan detailing how much time you need to work on the organizing project and when you expect to have the task completed. Whether you set aside one day for spring cleaning or tackle the job a little bit at a time, you should have a concrete goal in mind.

* Sort your stuff. Make piles of what to keep, throw away, donate and sell. Be brutally honest with yourself as to what you really need and how frequently you use it.

* Take a hard look at your space. How can you maximize it? Determine what you can store on the walls and even the ceiling to free up valuable floor space.

Put items you use less frequently on ceiling storage racks and more frequently used items on the walls. There are racks, hooks, hangers and platforms that will allow you to store just about everything - even lawn mowers.

The RacorPro ceiling storage platform (HeavyLift), for example, is a unique way to store things on your ceiling without your feet ever leaving the ground. Simply crank the 4-by-4-foot platform down from the ceiling when you need to load something on it and crank it back up to get it out of the way.

* Make a list of what you need to store. Then go shopping with dimensions of your garage in hand. Racor's garage storage products are sold at retailers nationwide under the brand names Racor, RacorPro, RacorIC and Nooks, providing a variety of solutions for storing any item in the garage and home - from hoses, cords and hand tools to tennis rackets, bikes and golf clubs.

Fore more information, call (800) 783-7725 or visit The site's "What Are You Storing?" feature will help you find the appropriate storage solution for your needs.

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Your Garage

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Garage Know How
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