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Garage Know How

Your Garage

(NAPSI)-Your garage might be more than an attachment on your house. It could be an extension of you. That's the theory behind a new survey that says people don't just park their cars in garages. They use the room to bring family together, to feel organized or even to outdo the neighbors-and as with many things, the way men and women perceive their garages differ significantly.

So what garage type are you? The online test (at www.garage could help you find out. Here are some examples of what your garage type could be:

Her Garage

• The White Glove Guru: You hold things to a higher standard and order is important. You have a particularly clean home-and that includes the garage.

• Grab-and-Go Girl: You have small children, lots of friends and plenty to do. Your hectic schedule demands that everything be in its proper place. You want a garage that is organized, and one in which everything is within arm's reach.

• Luxury-Minded Maven: You take a luxurious approach to life and see your home as an oasis of modern conveniences. You want a finished garage to add to the feel of your home.

His Garage

• Power Player: You like to win and work hard in your personal and professional life. You realize the garage is the only room in your house that the neighbors see, and you want it to be impressive.

• Family Man: Spending time with your family is your focus. You use the garage to keep items ranging from baseball mitts to garden tools. That means keeping the garage organized and safe is important to you.

• Boy With Toys: You love speed, excitement and adrenaline-charged "toys." You keep the garage pristine because it's the showcase for your toys-a sports car, motorcycle and/or boat.

"It's been our experience that most homeowners, male and female, are some combination of these qualities," says GarageTek's President Marc Shuman about the survey. Homeowners who take the free, one-minute garage personality test will receive suggestions about the best type of garage system to match their personality type.

They also get a list of essential organization components that their particular personality type tends to need. Then they can choose to contact a GarageTek expert, who can visit the homeowner to create a complimentary, 3-D rendering of a custom garage organization and storage system. The system can be installed in one to two days, according to Shuman. "Even a cluttered garage tells you a lot about the family that lives in that home. We took a process that is traditionally laborious and made it fun," says Shuman.

The test is available at

What type of person are you? The answer may be in your garage.

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Your Garage

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Garage Know How
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Your Garage

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