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Automotive Articles >> Car Donations

Reasons to use a Car Donation Program

Many of us find a certain undeniable pleasure in donating something that we no longer use. Some of us put on a few pounds or with a bit of luck, loose a few pounds and find ourselves with a closet full of stuff that some working mom would find tremendously useful. Perhaps you have a trunk full of blankets and winter clothes that some homeless man or woman could use to stay warm this winter. There are few greater gifts that you could give than a vehicle. Many charities accepting car donations will repair and return those cars to the community that donated them.

With many natural disasters this past year such as Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita and then Hurricane Wilma so many families in true need have lost absolutely everything from their clothes to their vehicles. Your currently unused car could allow an unemployed man to regain his self respect by becoming able to provide for his own family again by returning to work. So your car donation will pay a big part in his life.

With your used car donation, a single mom may regain the ability to provide for her family by returning to work. An elderly couple may regain their sense of liberty and freedom by being able to take themselves to their medical appointments as well as help out their single daughter by taking their grandchildren to day care. A cancer patient may be able to take himself to medical appointments instead of riding the bus every day to chemotherapy treatments thus regaining a certain amount of independence and freedom taken by his awful disease.

If you have decided that the repair on the ten year old vehicle in your drive way would cost almost as much as the value of the vehicle, perhaps you might consider donating the car. Most charities will remove the vehicle from your property regardless of its condition leaving you with a driveway free of broken down eyesores and a receipt that you can turn into a tax deduction just for donating your car.

Some charities repair the cars and other vehicles and make them available to families who have a special need for a vehicle. As long as you make your car donation on or before January 31st you will be able to claim a significant tax donation for your family for that particular year. The tax savings could be significant. Any vehicle can be claimed at $500 without any further proof. Additional proof such as copy of a title, secondary statement from an outside source, the standard blue book value, or receipt from sale of the vehicle will all suffice for the additional proof needed for proof for a non-cash tax donation.

IRS form 8283/standard tax form for non-cash donations can be downloaded from and used as the receipt needed for the tax deduction of a vehicle.

The paperwork hassles, towing and clean up are generally handled by the charity receiving the donation. Generally, they require absolutely nothing more of you than that one generous phone call to let them know that you are interested in finding a new home for your car.

Probably the best benefit to donating a car, besides the satisfaction of helping someone else, is the extra place you will make in your driveway for a new car for yourself!

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