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Automotive Articles >> Car Donations

The Benefits of Donating Your Car to Charity

Is it time to get a new car but are worried about trading your car in at the dealer? Is it too old to be of value to you?

Do you have an old car just sitting in the drive way because no one drives it anymore?

If you have a car that runs and you want to get rid of you might start thinking about donating your car to charity.

Car donations help you get rid of the car, and they help the charity you donate it to!

Donating a vehicle is a popular way to give and get at the same time. More and more people, and businesses too, donate their cars when they are going to get a new one. Here are some of the benefits you can reap when you donate your car.

You will be helping a cause you care about. You can choose your favorite charity and help them out by donating your car to them. There are many large, and small, charitable organizations who accept cars as a donation.

Multiple Sclerosis, The Breast Cancer Fund and Cars for a Cure (The American Cancer Society) all accept donations of cars. These are all charitable organizations who reach out to those in need and give them the assistance they need, be it financial, medical or just help and support.

Some local charities you may want to think about are; your local food bank or food pantry. Here volunteers help collect, sort out, and deliver food to those who need it. You will know that your car is still doing some good for someone who needs help. It will give you a good feeling to know you did what you could to help.

Look Here to Find Charities that accept cars as a donation

Now that's the give, what about the get. Well yes you will get a good feeling, but there is more. You may be eligible to get a car donation tax credit for donating your vehicle. So you can do something nice for a charity and get a little reward for yourself as well. The details of the tax credit will vary depending on the age and mileage of your vehicle, the charity you donate it too, and the condition of your car.

You have to call the charity you have chosen and tell them you would like to donate your car. Ask them to tell you about the procedure that they have in place for you to do this.

They will ask you some questions about the vehicle, and most likely send you some paper work to fill out. They will set a up a pick up date for someone to come to drive or tow the donated vehicle away. You usually have to take off your old license plates for them to take the car. You must also give them your keys, and possibly your registration papers.

There are different ways to donate your car. You can call the charity of your choice directly, or you can call a donation company who handles the paperwork and the towing for the charity, you still get to choose which charity you want the proceeds of your car to go to.

It is a great idea, it helps a lot of people in need, it gives your vehicle a second life, and you get a car donation tax credit. It seems like a win-win situation, and who can resist that.

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Car Donations
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